The best wine shops in Puglia not to be missed

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In this post we will try to tell you which are the best Apulian wine shops that you cannot miss during your stay or holiday in this magical land. Always celebrated for its extraordinary food and wine tradition (such as the famous extra virgin olive oil) and thanks to its geological conformation, this region has managed to carve out a very special space among the top Italian and international wine producers. Even the recent successes signed by Gambero Rosso certify the authenticity and commitment of local wine producers in recent years, making every wine tasting tour in Puglia an adventure definitely not to be missed.

Good examples are the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle, the Negroamaro and the Susumaniello. This is also thanks to the green hills dotted with vineyards and the coasts bathed by the clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas which influence the growth of the grapes and their fermentation. Therefore, it is obvious that a stop in a typical Apulian winehouse is obligatory for anyone passing through these parts! In fact, to discover the authentic Apulian wine spirit, there is no better way than to visit its renowned wine shops and cellars, taking home a very special multi-sensory memory. Here nelow we will try to summarize which are – according to Terrachevive’s experience – the best winehouse in Puglia that you absolutely cannot miss.


Series of wine bottles stored on wooden shelves in a Apulian cellar.
Series of wine bottles stored on wooden shelves in a Apulian cellar.


  1. Divino Rosso” wine shop – Alberobello
    Located in the heart of Alberobello (the capital of the trulli), the “Divino Rosso” wine shop is a real treasure chest of wine delicacies. Within its walls you can taste a selection of local and regional wines, guided by expert sommeliers. Among the wine’s availability, Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro stand out for a sensorial journey through the best typical products of Puglia.
  2. Enoterracciano” wine shop – Lecce
    We are in the splendid baroque setting of Lecce, where the “Enoterracciano” wine cellar is located. With a selection of over 600 labels and experience to spare, this wine shop offers a complete overview of local and national wine production. Among its wines the prestigious Salice Salentino and the aromatic whites typical of Salento stand out.
  3. Vinarius” wine shop – Bari
    Vinarius is an authentic institution for wine lovers in Bari. Now managed by the third generation of the family, the Vinarius wine shop is located within the charming historic centre and offers a vast choice of Apulian wines (mainly from the coast to Salento). Here it is possible to taste a rich variety of wines, from those referring to the Puglia IGT denomination to the more renowned Primitivo di Manduriabottles.
  4. The wine bars of Ostuni
    In the heart of the charming historic centre of Ostuni, known as the “White City“, there are several authentic oases for wine lovers. As the city is strongly oriented towards tourism – especially in the summer months – its distinguishing streets offer various solutions for finding the wine cellar that best suits your needs. Among the most famous, we can remember the Enoteca Divino, the Le Bontà di Bacco and Mamma Elvira wine shop. Within these places you can find a rich selection of labels from all over Puglia, allowing visitors to discover the different oenological facets of the region. From full-bodied red wines to fresh and aromatic whites, here you can taste the authentic Apulian wine soul.
  5. Antica Enotria” winehouse – Cerignola
    A few steps from the historic and fascinating Canosa di Puglia, the “Antica Enotria” winehouse is a milestone for those who want to immerse themselves in local wine excellences. Its strong asset relies on the selection of wines from the best wineries in the area, which are carefully chosen to guarantee an unforgettable tasting tour. The Antica Enotria wine shop is located among Cerignola and also cultivates the land using organic farming methods to preserve the tradition of taste and the authenticity of the products. Its cellar is located inside the ancient Masseria Contessa Staffa, a noble building dating back to 1700. And it is precisely here that the company produces wine and organic preserves.
  6. Vini e Affini” Wine shop – Trani
    Overlooking the charming port of Trani municipality, this wine shop is a true paradise for wine lovers. In addition to the vast selection of Apulian labels, it is possible to taste wines from different regions of Italy. To be honest this is not just a wine shop, but a small temple of Salento flavours and products: wine, liqueurs, beans, chickpeas, pasta, pickles and pickles, organic almond milk, jams and much more. Let yourself be advised by the owners who – with a lot of passion and patience – will make the tasting experience a real pleasure.
  7. Vineria Casa Ciù” winehouse – Maruggio
    Maruggio is an enchanting village in Salento. In this evocative context, wine lovers will be able to discover the excellence of local production with Vineria Casa Ciù. Located in the historic centre of the town and although it also serves as a restaurant, this winehouse boasts a wine collection which represents a true taste treasure. From Primitivo di Manduria wines to Negroamaro ones – passing through the fresh whites of the area – the Vineria Casa Ciù offers a complete overview of the typical wines of Salento. An excellent compromise is also the possibility of tasting the excellent wines of the winery in front of local dishes and appetizers.

A journey through the flavors of Puglia through the best local wine shops

These selected wine bars and cellars are not just places to taste fine wines, but authentic portals into the Apulian food and wine culture. Each sip tells stories of tradition, passion and territory, giving a unique experience
to anyone who decides to explore the local wine beauties. A trip to the best wine bars in Puglia is an experience not to be missed. A true immersion in the flavours and traditions of this extraordinary region, capable of conquering the heart and palate of every lover of good wine.

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