Cured meats tastings and tours in Puglia

Visit Apulian cured meats farm with the local experts of

Do you want to taste the delicious cured meats from Puglia? We chose to seduce you by serving delicious food and offering irresistible tasting tours of the best salami and meat from Puglia. We will take you to farms, farmhouses and in Puglia’s artisan salami shops. Here the animals are bred in the wild and the products are subjected to a very short supply chain, from the producer directly to the consumer. The result is excellent products.
The farmers and the artisans will tell you how they produce gastronomic excellences such as the famous Capocollo of Martina Franca, the soppressata, the bombetta and the cervellata. You can taste them in the same places where they are produced, accompanied by baked products and fine wines from Puglia.