Cooking workshops for the preparation of historical recipes

Join a cooking class held by an archaeologist and culinary historian

Are you passionate about ancient history and food and wine? Are you looking for an experience that will make your holiday in Puglia unique? Then we have exactly what you need!
Take part in our cooking workshops on historical recipes held by a highly educated archaeologist and culinary historian. The classes are hosted in the very heart of Puglia, in the beautiful Valle D’Itria. Here you will meet Ursula, who, after spending several years in Africa and the Middle East, lives with her family in a charming complex of trulli.
You will be able to step back in time while being surrounded by the characteristic landscape of the area, consisting of vineyards, ancient olive groves, trulli and dry-stone walls.
The workshops focus on the cuisine of classical Roman times and the Middle Ages. The historical recipes, you will prepare, will surprise you with their unusual combination of flavours and aromas, combining savoury, sweet, sour and spicy to create amazing and unexpected dishes.
Find out with what people ate in Puglia during Roman times and the Middle Ages and prepare authentic historical recipes from the past with your own hands.
Learn how the past has influenced and continues to influence modern food and wine culture.
Meet a true expert who will share a variety of information about our past and make your stay in Puglia an unforgettable experience.