Cooking class in Puglia

Apulian Cooking Classes

Do you want to learn typical Apulian recipes? Do you want to find out how to make delicious dishes of our culinary tradition?
In our Apulian cooking classes, you will cook with your hands learning the processes and the secrets of many specialties. With the help of experienced cooks, in suggestive and characteristic locations, you can try your hand at various cooking classes.
You will learn how to prepare the typical Pugliese pasta, such as the famous orecchiette with Cime Di Rapa or with the sauce and Braciole. Or you can dabble with the old cheese tradition, trying to make mozzarella or burrata. If you prefer second courses instead, you could try to cook the Bombette or roast the succulent octopus on the grill. And why not try the baked goods such as focaccia, taralli, frise or bread? Finally, if you prefer sweet notes, Pugliese pastry will offer you many alternatives such as bocconotti, pasticciotti or almond paste.
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