Food and Wine tours

Food and wine experience at production sites

Are you intrigued by the flavours and tastes of Apulian food and wine products? Do you want to discover and experience Puglia through unforgettable taste experiences?
We have researched the places of production of the food excellences of Puglia with the idea of visiting them, to let you know ancient artisanal production methods, to give you the emotion of tasting a product in the place where it is born.
 We will accompany you through majestic olive trees and ancient oil mills to show you how the extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia is produced.
You can choose the smells and flavours of fresh cheeses and dairy products, such as caciocavallo, mozzarella and burrata di Puglia.
You will walk among the rows of ancient vineyards set in breathtaking landscapes and you will taste the best Apulian wines such as Primitivo di Manduria, Susumaniello, Negroamaro, Aleatico. 
We have the right food and wine experience for every taste, book it with Terrachevive.com

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