Stories about Food & Wine Experiences from Puglia

Apulian stories, lived and written by people born and bred in Puglia

Without imagination, novels would not exist. Without experience there would be no testimony. And authentic stories are nothing more than the oral or written transmission of customs and traditions. The identity of a people is its history and, as a tree needs nourishment from the earth to keep its roots strong and firm, so we need to tell each other about us to keep it alive.

We want to tell you about our land and do something more, we want you to be a witness of its identity and uniqueness. In fact, by enjoying in person the experiences that we have selected you will become bearer and your story will be added to ours.
To this fascinating story we wanted to add a touch of flavour, which is our sensory connotation: the food and wine one. We will let you know Puglia through the products of its fruitful and generous land, bringing you where they are born. In the places of production of numerous food and wine delicacies, the first step of a long chain is made, which we are now accustomed to know only at its epilogue, or on our tables.
Or you can become part of this journey of taste taking a workshop of Apulian cuisine. But if you prefer to enjoy Puglia comfortably seated at a laid table, don’t worry, here is for you our selection of restaurants and typical menus.
Waiting for your arrival, we will continue to write about our beloved land. If you want to participate in this story with a personal touch of your land, we will be happy to host it. Write to us and we will publish it in the blog.