Visit an apulian winery: which are the most famous

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If you are a wine enthusiast and want to discover the magical tastes of the Apulian region, then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit an Apulian winery. This experience will drag you into the centuries-old secrets of local wine production, tasting some of the best wines of southern Italy. Puglia has always been an ideal region for growing vines. Some of the oldest Italian wineries are located here, many of which date back to Roman times. Over the centuries, Apulian wine production has evolved – taking advantage of innovations – but without neglecting the most ancient rituals and techniques. Today is offering you a large variety of award-winning, high-quality wines. In this article, we will guide you to discover the most famous Apulian wineries and what makes the production of local Apulian wine so special.

Puglia region and its cellars: land of wines and traditions

But what makes visiting Apulian wineries so unique? Well, our beloved region can boast several tricks up its sleeve when it comes to local wine production. First, the use of native grapes, which give the wines that completely unique taste and character. The Apulian wineries are also famous for the use of artisanal and organic methods in the production of wine, which allow us to obtain high quality products. But sometimes this isn’t enough. What in our opinion makes both wine production and visit an Apulian winery truly special as well is the attention and respect for local behaviours. A value that is directly reflected within the flavours and aromas of their wines. For this reason, visiting an Apulian winery is not only an opportunity to taste good wine, but also to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of this wonderful region.

The Apulian cellar: an unforgettable visit

One of the most authentic experiences that you can ever have in Puglia is visiting a Masseria, a typical agricultural farm that often hosts cellars and vineyards. Here you can discover the wine production process, which starts from the harvest of the grapes to the aging phase. You will also be able to attend various guided wine tasting tours and learn to recognize the different flavours and aromas of Apulian wines. But the visit to the cellar is not limited only to wine: you will also be able to discover the local traditions linked to the territory, cuisine and culinary art, taste typical products such as olive oil, local cheeses and enjoy the warm typical hospitality of our land.


Girl tasting white wine in company inside a winery cellar.
Girl tasting white wine in company inside a winery cellar.


The most famous Apulian cellars

Now that you have a general overview of wine production in Puglia and the characteristics that make a visit to a local winery so unique, it’s time to discover which are the most famous ones to write down directly in your notebook. Among many, we cannot fail to mention Tenuta Rubino, Cantine San Marzano, Cantina del Locorotondo and Cantine Due Palme.

  1. Tenuta Rubino: located in the heart of Salento, this winery produces some of the best wines in the region, including the famous “Susumaniello“. Its underground cellars – dug into the limestone rock – offer a suggestive atmosphere and a perfect environment for the maturation of wine.
  2. Cantine San Marzano: located in the Itria Valley (in the centre of Puglia), this winery is famous for its high-quality wines, such as “Sestantanni” and “Negroamaro“. Here you can also admire an awesome panorama of the Apulian countryside and visit an ancient oil mill where extra virgin olive oil is still produced according to tradition.
  3. Cantina Sociale di Locorotondo: located in the city of Locorotondo, this winery stands out for the production of fresh and fruity white and rosé wines. Here you can also visit a museum dedicated to vines and wine by participating in guidedand tailor-made tastings tours on request
  4. Cantine Due Palme: located within the Salice Salentino area, this winery is famous to producePrimitivo di Manduria“, one of the most prized wines in Puglia. Here you can visit an ancient trullo (a typical centuries-old stone building) tasting some of the best wines from the cellar (if not from all of Puglia).

In conclusion: why visit an Apulian winery

Visiting an Apulian winery is an experience that enriches not only the palate, but also the mind and spirit. It is a sensorial and emotional journey into the history and culture of a region that has made wine one of its most prized symbols. This journey will allow you to discover the roots of Apulian winemaking traditions, to appreciate the art and local mastery in producing wine, understanding the strong bond that exists between man and the land.

Furthermore, visiting a winery in Puglia offers you the opportunity to support the local economy and contribute to the preservation of Puglia’s traditions and cultural heritage. It is an authentic and original way to live an experience truly in contact with the reality and conviviality of Puglia (far from the most popular tourist routes), bringing an unforgettable memory of your trip home and in your heart.


Detail of hands with gloves selecting the best grape clusters.
Detail of hands with gloves selecting the best grape clusters.


In conclusion, visiting an Apulian winery is an unmissable experience for anyone who wants to directly discover the beauties of the region, fully immersing themselves in the Apulian food and wine culture. The Apulian cellars are a precious treasure that contains the history, traditions and tastes of this wonderful land. All you have to do is book your trip and set off to discover the most famous Apulian wineries by relying on the experience of Terrachevive!

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