Things to do on holiday in Puglia – Italy

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Are you planning or are you already spending your holidays in Puglia? Are you wondering which are the most beautiful places to visit and the most authentic things to do? Welcome, you are in the right place!
Reading the blog you will find many interesting articles that will make you discover one of the most beautiful Italian regions.
Puglia is located on the South-East of Italy and thanks to its shape, it is called the “heel” of the Italian peninsula, which itself has the characteristic shape of a boot. It is also called the hidden gem of Italy because only in the last few years it has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.
It is, in fact, the ideal place to spend your holidays for its long and incredibly varied coastlines (sand and cliffs), for its protected natural areas, its UNESCO sites and its invaluable historical, cultural, architectural and religious heritage.
Last but not least, there is its hidden but most appreciated side, the one that we love the most: the food and wine heritage. This is an additional reason to choose Puglia. You will, in fact, get to know the most popular culinary products in the world: fresh dairy products, seasoned cheeses, wine, oil, fresh pasta, pizza…
We would like to tell you about and make you visit Apulian farms, where this food and wine heritage is produced, to show you its rural side and let you enjoy its incomparable taste.