Our Apulian Company

I ordinarily reply to those who ask me the reason for my travels, that I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am looking for.

Michel De Montaigne -

Experience Puglia like a true local, with local experts!

The Terrachevive.com website is a provider of Food and Wine Experiences off the beaten track in Puglia.
We do not offer pre-set commercial tours with the usual click and buy formula. We know that to offer quality, it is a must to carefully select suppliers that can provide authentic local experiences. We know that in order to offer quality, it is essential to carefully select suppliers who are able to guarantee a high–standard level experiences.
We therefore guarantee to all our customers authentic and high quality food and wine tours, evaluated critically by local experts.
In addition to a rigorous selection of our partners, we offer a tailor made service to customize the tours, multi-lingual interpreting services and our assistance during the experience. So customers will not feel as guests but authentic locals.