Vegetarian cooking classes in Puglia

Learn how to prepare delicious Apulian vegetarian recipes

If you want your holiday in Puglia to be unique, we recommend you take one of our vegetarian cookery courses.
They take place in charming architectural and historic locations, such as ancient farmhouses or the famous trulli. In these places you will learn typical Apulian recipes.
Our experienced cooks will teach you how to prepare vegetarian dishes with high-quality local products.
You will then get in touch with our culinary deep traditions: real peasant practices passed down from generation to generation.
You will be surrounded by warmth and hospitality of our local people and together we will share moments that will become some of the most beautiful memories of your stay in Puglia.
We will visit traditional local markets or typical local small shops where seasonal fruit and vegetable are sold, which will be the fresh and high-quality ingredients used in our cooking classes. In these fascinating and charming places lies the real Apulian culture.
During our courses you will learn how to make delicious dishes with seasonal vegetarian ingredients, how to choose the products, how to season them and their cooking time.
But that’s not all! After having cooked the dishes, you will taste what you have prepared, and all will be served with a good Apulian wine.
We are waiting for you here in Puglia!