Local Apulian wine tasting in an ancient farmhouse in Monopoli

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How could you best conclude a guided tour of one of the most beautiful farms in Monopoli? One of our proposals is with an excellent tasting of local Apulian wine in an ancient farmhouse, accompanied by typical local products such as friselle and taralli. Puglia is renowned not only for its extraordinary history and beauty, but also for its winemaking tradition that dates back centuries. In fact, the farms (called locally Masseria) are historic and centenary agricultural estates of this region, which still play a fundamental role within the production of fine wines. Today they also offer various local Apulian wine tastingexperiences. A visit to an Apulian farm is therefore never complete without a wine tasting experience that offers an authentic taste of the flavours and tones of this land.

Terrachevive will make you discover the pure and authentic atmosphere of the local Masseria. The latter is much more than a cellar. It is a 360-degree involvement among Apulian agricultural and culinary culture. The farms are often immersed in breathtaking landscapes, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields. The atmosphere is steeped in authenticity and history, offering visitors a real taste of a lifestyle that revolves around the land and its fruits.

Local Apulian wine tasting experience at the ancient Masseria Spina

The ancient Masseria Spina lays on the outskirts of Monopoli, a fascinating holiday destination in the province of Bari (which we recommend you visit perhaps by taking part in one of our tours). Characterized by the typical Apulian architectural beauty that blends the blue of the sea with the white of the houses, the surroundings of this city offer the perfect location for tasting local wine in a typical Apulian farmhouse. An unfiltered journey through the history, culture and passion that constitutes the DNA of this extraordinary region. Visiting a farm is in fact the right opportunity to discover the secrets of wine production and savour the fruit of dedicated and loving work. Without a doubt, it is an experience that will remain etched in the memories of anyone lucky enough to experience it.



Guided tour and tasting of local products in a farmhouse
Path among the farmhouse’s olive trees


The ancient Masseria Spina is a unique location of its kind, which contains the centenary tradition of local wine production within its defensive walls and its large rural park. Every corner of this place has something to tell, which is why it is certainly between the most beautiful farms in Puglia. In the surroundings of Masseria Spina it is possible to walk among the centuries-old olive trees, along the ancient Via Traiana (a path created at the behest of Emperor Trajan way back in the 2nd century AD) and it is possible to take beautiful walks or bike rides to discover the surrounding countryside and the typical Apulian biodiversity. Within short distance, it is possible to see the blue of the Adriatic Sea washing the coasts of Monopoli, capturing all key elements of this experience through a photo.



Tasting of the best wine of Puglia
Wine tasting glass


After the visit to the farm we are ready for the tasting of local Apulian wine

The sunset almost takes us by surprise, the sun sets very quickly and almost seems to want to advise us to reach the ancient stable, a room with stone vaults used for tastings.
On the counter there are some typical Apulian products and glasses are just waiting to be filled with good wine: a biodynamic rosé from Alta Murgia, a white from Valle D’Itria and, of course, a Primitivo from Salento. To accompany the wines, there is never a shortage of two appetizers always present on Apulian’s tables: taralli and friselle. The first courses, with their small format, are very tasty and perfect to accompany a tasting of local wine. Friselle, on the other hand, seasoned with oil, salt, oregano and tomatoes, are a true pride and typically Apulian delicacy. The guided tour of Masseria Spina is undoubtedly one of the most enveloping ones to understand the Apulian territory, starting from what a typical Apulian farmhouse is like, how it produces wine according to tradition and the different activities that can be done in the surrounding area. The ideal place for quality experiential tourism.

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