The spots you cannot miss to taste the best Wine in Puglia

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Apulian wines are becoming known in the world for their quality and taste

Puglia stands in the heart and in the eyes of those who visit it thanks to its warmth and its beauty. Discovering it is a real sensorial experience. We know really well that even the taste is a sense that is very involved during a stay in our beloved land. That’s why we decided to talk about those that, in our opinion, are the best wines of Puglia in order to let you know and give you the opportunity to taste them in the right places.

Visit the vineyard of the I Pastini winery
The vineyard of the I pastini

Here are our best Apulian wines:

Red wines:

  • Primitivo;
  • Negramaro;
  • Nero di troia;
  • Susumaniello;
  • Cacc’e mitte.

White wines:

  • Verdeca;
  • Bianco d’Alessano;
  • Minutolo.

Rosé wines:

  • of Primitivo;
  • of Negramaro;
  • by Susumaniello.

The best wines of Puglia
Puglia and its best wines

Among the most famous red wines we find Primitivo in the first position which has its best expression in the lands of Manduria and Gioia del Colle

The primitivo is a type of wine that can be appreciated in many other variations as well as those indicated above. There are in fact numerous cellars scattered throughout the Apulian territory, especially in Salento, which produce it. Each soil gives a different organoleptic connotation to the wine depending on its specific characteristics. The warm climate of Salento, for example, gives it a softer and sweeter flavor than that produced in other places in Puglia.

Also in Salento is the Negroamaro, also a wine with a strong and intense taste.

Moving a little further north, in the area of ​​high Salento that goes from Brindisi to the limits with the Valle d’Itria, is instead Susumaniello. Susumaniello means donkey because its bunches are often well loaded with grapes, just like a donkey at work! This wine has a very fruity fragrance without however being too sweet on the palate.

For those who are looking to drink a good rosato there are many variations, as many as there are for red wines. My favorites are the Susumaniello and Primitivo rosés. You will find them in almost every cellars and differ from their red companions, tendentially for their winemaking process. They are lighter on the palate and less full-bodied but do not lose aromas and flavors.

The cellars where you can taste red and rosé wines

The best wineries that will allow you to visit their vineyards and taste these delicious wines are:

  • in Salento: Cantele;
  • near Castellaneta (Taranto): Visit L’Archetipo (wines in synergistic agriculture);
  • in the Valle d’Itria: visit i Pastini ;

 Apulian wine of the I Pastini
Tasting of wine and local products from Puglia at the Pastini cellar

In the Gargano and Daunia area there are two very particular wines that could be considered as niche products such as the Cacc’e mmitte of Lucera and the Nero di Troia.

The best wineries to visit to discover these wines are definitely:

Both are located in the splendid setting of Lucera, which, situated on three hills, dominates the plain of Tavoliere delle Puglie, also known for its wheat production.

For whites instead the most favorable area remains that of the Murgia and specifically the Valle d’Itria

Verdeca, Bianco d’Alessano and Minutolo have often been mixed in blends known as Locorotondo DOC. Now they are finding their autonomous identity.

The best wineries that host tastings of this type of wines are:

  • between Martina Franca and Locorotondo: I Pastini;
  • in Locorotondo: Sirose (calendar tasting events).

Sit back and enjoy a good glass of wine!

If you do not have time to visit in full our beautiful and very long Puglia, alternatively, you can stop right in the middle of it, in the suggestive Valle d’Itria.

Wine and typical products of Puglia
Tasting of wines and typical products of Puglia at Enoteca il Cucco

There are many wine shops that offer tastings and I want to suggest you three that are located between Cisternino, Martina Franca and Locorotondo.

  • Enoteca and restaurant Il Cucco in Cisternino, just outside the walls of the historic center;
  • Cibando in the center of Martina Franca,in front of the Palazzo Ducale;
  • Antica Salumeria del Corso in the heart of Alberobello, a few steps from the Basilica of Saints Cosma e Damiano.

You can stimulate all your senses by discovering and tasting the flavors and aromas of the best wines of our land.
If you are interested in making a tasting of excellent Apulian wine contact us, we will organize it for you!

Our beloved land of Puglia, a living land!

Come and experience it too, we are waiting for you!

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