Private chef at home in Puglia

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A holiday in Puglia cannot be considered complete without having thoroughly savoured the main dishes of its local cuisine. Therefore, booking a private chef at home is the most suitable choice to discover and live a complete food and wine experience prepared by expert hands of the Apulian tradition. This region – known for its breathtaking landscapes, beaches and extensive historical heritage – is equally capable of providing a profound and seductive culinary experience.


2024 Gambero Rosso three glasses award for the best wines in Puglia.
2024 Gambero Rosso three glasses award for the best wines in Puglia.


Proof of this is the numerous achievements and awards of Gambero Rosso in the wine sector, together with typical Apulian dishes and recipes which have now become international (such as the Bombette, the Puccia Salentina, the Pasticciotto and the Caffè Leccese in the pastry shop) and spokespersons of a century-old culture. Puglia, the flagship of the Mediterranean diet, boasts a variety of dishes that contain and tell the true spirit of this land.

The option of having a private dinner at home is becoming an increasingly sought-after and requested experience by those who spend their holidays here, in the heel of the Italian boot. A private chef allows you to discover directly how the dishes are prepared, how to treat the raw materials, and savour the authentic flavours and soul of Apulian dishes, all accompanied by the best wines without travelling kilometres and leaving the comfort of your holiday home.

Why choose a private chef in Puglia?

Opting for a private chef at home is, therefore, a way to elevate your stay in Puglia, immerse yourself completely in the culinary culture, building (..bite after bite), multi-sensory memories of the pure Apulian tradition. Each dish is a pure narrative, a multifaceted journey that a private chef can customise based on personal preferences and dietary needs, telling infinite stories of land and sea through his dishes. There are many reasons why a private chef can enhance your Puglia holiday to a new dimension. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Menu Customization: With a private chef, the menu can be customised to your preferences, allergies, and dietary needs, ensuring a safe dining experience that celebrates the diversity of local flavours and satisfies every palate and need.
  • Access to Fresh and Local Ingredients: Private chefs very often source from local markets, they know where to find the best fish and the real local gems, choosing seasonal products that enhance the taste of the dishes and support the local economy of the superb Apulian territory.
  • Intimacy and Comfort: Enjoying a gourmet meal in the tranquillity of your own home (or an exclusive setting) offers an intimate, personal, and relaxing atmosphere that crowded restaurants will never be able to replicate.
  • Educational Experience: The chef will not only cook for you but will be able to transform himself into a real master by sharing the secrets of Apulian dishes and cuisine. He will also be available to teach you the techniques for recreating traditional recipes at home.
  • Tradition and Innovation: Imagine sitting at the table and seeing in front of you a plate of handmade “orecchiette“, or a “tiella” of rice, with potatoes and boiling mussels or maybe a fresh “Apulian appetiser“, prepared with knowledge and passion. All respecting the ancient recipes but with a touch of modernity that only a local chef can offer.
  • Convenience and Comfort: The experience of a high-quality restaurant in the comfort of your own home, without worries about booking or waiting at the table, without worrying about having to drive or find parking. The chef will take care of everything, from selecting the freshest ingredients to the final cleaning of the kitchen. In short, an experience that makes you master your time and space, without giving up anything.

The experience of terrachevive private chef

Terrachevive’s private chef experience is not simply a home chef service.


Home chef begins cooking spaghetti in pot.
Home chef begins cooking spaghetti in pot.


It is a real immersion in the Apulian culture and food and wine tradition. It is the opportunity to experience an exclusive and personalised event, where every detail is carefully taken care of to offer not just a dinner, but a truly unforgettable culinary story.

In conclusion, whether it is for a special occasion or a simple pretext between friends to make your holiday unique (with a touch of luxury and pleasure), the experience of a private chef at home in Puglia is the right combination to enter the heart of this region, enjoying its flavours uniquely and exclusively.

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