Dinners at home in Puglia: exploring the authentic flavours of regional cuisine

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Booking a dinner at home with a chefduring your stay in Puglia is an authentic culinary experience that will dip you into the flavours of the pure land tradition. Dinners at home with a private chef will offer you the opportunity to enjoy fresh and freshly prepareddishes, using high-quality zero-mile ingredients coming from the land and sea of this magical region.

The ingredients’ freshness and the slow preparation process of each dish will make eachdinner an unforgettable tasting experience, generally much more intense, intimate, and satisfying than the ones in ordinary restaurants. This is because every little detail is designedspecifically for the true protagonists of a typical home dinner in Puglia: the customers. From tempting appetisers to succulent first courses, through meat or fish second courses and inescapable desserts, you will expect an infinite variety of dishes that will represent the treasure of Apulian regional cuisine.


Home chef pours oil onto a plate of meat.
Home chef pours oil onto a plate of meat.


Each dish and ingredient can also be selected and customised based on special requests and needs (such as intolerances, preferences, etc.). So: what could be better than enjoying delicious Apulian recipes in the comfort of your own home through a private home chef?

Apulian cuisine: a journey into traditional flavours

Apulian cuisine is renowned for its simplicity, authenticity and use of fresh, daily, local ingredients. Traditional recipes reflect the history and culture of the region, offering a wide variety of delicious and hearty dishes. Without a doubt, one of the most iconic dishes ofApulian cuisine is “orecchiette“, a handmade pasta in the shape of small ears, often served with fresh tomato sauce and ricotta. Other internationally famous dishes include the “focaccia barese” (soft and fragrant focaccia seasoned with tomatoes, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil) and the
“purè di fave e cicoria“, a delicious broad bean cream served with boiled chicory and seasoned with oil olive.

Dinner at home: a convenient and tasty culinary experience

With the strong growing interest in Apulian cuisine, we at Terrachevive soon thought of offering
professional chefs
and cooks to those curious to discover the culinary wonders of this land. Terrachevive’s imperative is to bring the authentic flavours of Puglia directly into the kitchens and dining rooms of our customers. These services offer a vast selection of traditional Apulian dishes prepared down to the smallest detail and attention by expert and passionate chefs. But how exactly does our home dinner service work? Let’s see it below:

  • Menu Selection: The home dinner services offer a varied menu full of traditional Apulian dishes. Customers can choose from a vast selection of starters, first courses, second courses and side dishes to create their own most personal experience possible.
  • Ordering: Once the desired dishes have been selected, customers can place the order via our telephone contact, or website. When ordering, you can always specifyany food preferences
    or special requests.
  • Preparation: After receiving the order, the chef will start looking for the bestingredients and prepare the dishes with care and attention to detail. Freshingredients are always used to ensure maximum flavour and quality.
  • Let yourself be carried away: Once dinner is in front of you on the table, let yourself be carried away by the emotions of the flavours of Apulian cuisine, directly in the comfort and intimacy of your own home.

Benefits of home dinners in puglia

Dinners at home in Puglia offer a series of advantages that make them a completely convenient and appetising culinary adventure. Certainly, it is worth trying at least once inyour life if you are a true enthusiast and food lover.


Chef dusts powdered sugar over an apple dessert.
Chef dusts powdered sugar over an apple dessert.


Here are its main benefits:

  • Convenience: It is not necessary to get ready and dress elegantly, queue and travel kilometres in the car to go to an evocative restaurant. The real location is your home (or your holiday home). Authentic Apulian dishes will adapt to your walls, making this food and wine experience even more warm and personal.
  • Variety: Thanks to its huge tradition, Puglia’s culinary history
    offers an immense selection and combination of typical dishes, allowing customers to experience a variety of flavours and tastes from different areas of Puglia. A 360-degree experiential journey, done while remaining comfortably seated at the table in your home.
  • Quality: The dishes are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and – thanks to the chef’s knowledge and preparations – will express their essence to the maximum, guaranteeing an authentic and delicious culinary experience.
  • Customization: Terrachevive’s home-delivered dinners in Puglia offer infinite customization options to adapt dishes to customers’ dietary preferences or specific dietary needs.
  • Knowledge and dissemination: The unique opportunity to explore the culture and culinary tradition of the Puglia region from the comfort of your own home will allow you to tell your friends and relatives about this magnificent experience. This will spread the desire to experiment and disseminate the “Made-in-Puglia” brand now famous throughout the world.

Dinners at home in Puglia offer a unique opportunity for food lovers to savour the delicious dishes of regional cuisine without leaving home. With a vast selection of traditional dishes carefully prepared by expert chefs, these services offer convenience, quality and an originaldining experience that is sure to delight the palates of anyone lucky enough to taste them. An unforgettable awareness for all food lovers.

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