The best places to visit in Puglia

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Are you searching for the best places to visit in Puglia? Choosing Apulia as your holiday destination, you will have the opportunity to discover many places of great naturalistic, architectural, historical, cultural and religious charm. From the massive stacks of Gargano, to the peaceful hills of Valle D’Itria, to the Caribbean beaches of Salento: you will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Apulian nature in all its glory.
Alternatively, you can admire Apulian architectural beauties: majestic cathedrals, ancient fortified farms, the famous trulli that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the characteristic muretti a secco (dry-stone walls). Besides its authentic beauty, our land will also tempt and delight you! In fact, its food and wine delicacies will overwhelm your senses: wine, extra virgin olive oil, dairy and bakery products, ancient rural recipes. Visiting Puglia you will discover how every part of the region hides precious treasures, which are luckly still preserved today.