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The Apulian pearl

If you look it from above, you could easily recognise it by its whiteness and could be induced to consider it as a rare pearl. And so it is. Its whitewashed walls and its location perched atop three hills (as if the wanted to compete for its fascinating views) make Ostuni one of the most beautiful villages in Puglia.
The “White City” lies in the heart of Valle d’Itria, a unique location thanks to a very high concentration of trulli (about 15000, 1500 of which are located in the area of Alberobello). Its panoramic location gives amazing views: from above you can admire the green olive groves and catch the sight of the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.
Ostuni follows the construction model typical of many towns in southern Italy: the ancient original settlement, currently known as old town, is surrounded by a modern residential and commercial area.

Not far from the “White City”, there are some other beautiful villages we warmly suggest you to visit:

  1. Martina Franca (24 Km far from Ostuni): it is famous for its elegant baroque architecture;
  2. Alberobello (36 km far from Ostuni): it is an UNESCO World Heritage since 1996 thanks to its wonderful trulli;
  3. Locorotondo (27 km far from Ostuni): it is a village that offers a beautiful view on the Valle d’Itria;
  4. Cisternino (17 km far from Ostuni): its beauty is concentrated in the alleys of its old town;
  5. Monopoli (40 km far from Ostuni): it is a port city that offers breathtaking views of the sea.

What to visit in Ostuni
Wide overview of the surroundings from Ostuni

Places to visit in Ostuni

The old town

As mentioned before, Ostuni is described as the “White City” because of the typical lime painting used in the old town, a painting practice which is still used by residents.
In the centre of the old town and on the top of the highest hill, the Mother Church, the Cathedral, reigns with all its majesty. It was built in Romanesque-Gothic style and on the top of the main façade you can admire a large rose window with 24 rays. The Church is located in Piazza Beato Giovanni Paolo II.
Along Via Cattedrale, nearby by that square, you can also admire many monuments:

  1. Museum of pre-classical civilisations of southern Murgia: here the skeleton of Delia, a pregnant woman lived around 28000 years ago, is preserved;
  2. Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop’s Palace): it was built in the XVI century and is connected to another building by an elegant gallery called “Arco Stoppa”. Its beauty can be admired from the street on which it overlooks;
  3. Piazza Beato Giovanni Paolo II: here you can admire different architectural styles;
  4. Porta Nova and Porta San Demetrio: here you can find numerous churches and private mansions.

The old town represents the flagship of the town and it is now a popular destination for many tourists from all over the world throughout the year. In particular during the summer, various events are organised including festivals, tastings, folkloristic nights to celebrate and experience culture and traditions of this amazing city.

Tours in nature in Ostuni

It is possible to enjoy a fuller stay in the “White City” thanks to many land and sea tours or tours by bike, electric car or boat. Below your can find our suggestions:

  1. Bike tour to discover the Apulian olive oil: this tour will allow you to discover the symbols of Puglia, such as ancient farms, monumental olive groves, archaeological remains and the famous and fine olive oil;
  2. Walking tour at the San Biagio Shrine: this tour will be a real adventure in the Apulian pure nature. You will discover an ancient cave shrine located inside the Murgia;
  3. Walking tour among the coves of Torre Pozzelle: it is a coastal itinerary thanks to which you will appreciate the variability of the coastline of Ostuni;
  4. Walking tour in the Coastal Dunes Park: this park is a big natural reserve which preserves biodiversity. Here you can admire monumental olive groves and beautiful coastal stretches.

Naturalistic excursions Ostuni Puglia
Naturalistic excursion at Torre Pozzelle

Food and wine experiences in Ostuni

Over the past few years, many Apulian farmhouses have specialised in offering food and wine tours. Terrachevive.com gives tourists, who are planning or already spending their holidays in Puglia, the possibility to get to know the Apulian food and wine excellences, in the very same places where these excellences are grown and produced. Fresh hand-made pasta, extra virgin olive oil, wine and cheese are just some examples of the Apulian food and wine heritage.
The farmhouses open to the food and wine tourism are real educational schools, happy to host within their ancient walls families and children offering them interesting food labs, entertainment in contact with nature and animals and re-educating the senses to enjoy the ancient rustic flavours, which are almost forgotten.
Contact us if you want to enjoy an unforgettable food and wine experience.

The coastal stretch of Ostuni

Ostuni is made even more attractive by it 17 km of coastal stretch bathed by the Adriatic Sea. The coastline is characterised by wonderful colours, numerous beaches with dunes covered by the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and rocky coves, perfect for those who prefer less comfortable and crowded but equally amazing locations.
The coastal stretch of Ostuni represents the seaside resort with the largest flow of tourists in Puglia.

Our must-see locations:

  1. Rosa Marina: it is a seaside resort with a lot of small beaches;
  2. Monticelli: here you can find a peaceful and familiar atmosphere;
  3. Costa Merlata and Creta Rossa: these locations are characterised by amazing coves. Their names derive from the extremely jagged coastline;
  4. Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve: it is a long stretch of land with fine white sand, the perfect place for those who love pure nature.

What to eat in Ostuni

The typical Ostuni cuisine is highly appreciated both by locals and tourists, who visit the city every year. This is mainly because of its great variation. In fact its gastronomic heritage can count on both seafood and agricultural products.
Our must-eat selection of typical dishes:

  1. Orecchiette with ragu sauce or with turnips: a must of Apulian cooking tradition which has to be tasted by each single tourist;
  2. Fried panzerotti: the typical and traditional ones are filled with mozzarella and tomato sauce;
  3. Broad beans purée with wild chicory: a dish from the ancient peasant tradition;
  4. Friselle with tomatoes: ideal during summer, they are light, fresh and easy to prepare;
  5. Focaccia with onions: it is baked in a wood-burning oven and it is really delicious!
  6. Zucchini “alla poverella”: few ingredients composing an unforgettable tasting dish!

Trekking tra gli ulivi millenari
Olive oil tasting in Ostuni

Where to eat in Ostuni

RESTAURANTS & FARMHOUSES: Il Fienile – Osteria Ricanatti – Masseria Salinola – Masseria Il Frantoio – Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale – Tratteria Fave e Fogghie – Masseria Valente – Osteria del Tempo Perso
BISTROT: Anglani Bistrot – Cicinedda Fruit Bistrot – Evò
NIGHT CLUBS & SOFT DRINK: Monna Lisa Caffè – Gibas 111 – Bellinfusto – Caffè Titoschipa – Riccardo Caffè – La Mela Bacata – Kidra – Bar Casbah – I Giardini di Riccardo
PIZZERIE: Solito Posto – Badia – Bellavista – Operaprima
BAKERIES: Pasticceria Da Ciccio – La Cassata – La bottega del Pasticcere
WINE BARS: Enoteca Divino – Enoteca Vini di Puglia
OLIVE OIL MILLS: Puro Ostuni – Azienda Agricola Fratelli Barletta – Società Agricola Sololio

Farmhouses in Ostuni

Farmhouses give great value to the countryside nearby Ostuni. Many of these farmhouses have been turned into cosy accommodation facilities, perfect locations where you can spend your stay in Puglia, being comfortable, but allowing you to experience the rural soul of these places. Among the various farmhouses near Ostuni, we suggest you to visit:

  1. Masseria Cervarolo: style and elegance are kept in the countryside of Ostuni. It is a perfect place for your stay;
  2. Masseria Santa Caterina: it is an ancient fortified building, from which the high octagonal tower stands out;
  3. Masseria Lo Spagnulo: it was built in the 1600s and still preserves an ancient church and an hypogeous oil mill;
  4. Masseria Brancati: it is an ancient fortified farmhouse which preserves a majestic olive grove and an hypogeous oil mill;
  5. Masseria Cappuccini: it is well known for its beautiful trulli;
  6. Masseria Rialbo di Sopra: it is one of the most ancient farmhouses in the countryside of Ostuni and it dates back to a period prior 1578;
  7. Masseria Sansone: it is an architectural wonder, we highly recommend you to visit.

When is the best period to visit Ostuni?

Depending on the type of holiday preferred, Ostuni is a tourist destination that can be visited all year round. For the tourists who want to shape their stay on art, food and wine and culture, it is always a good time to come and visit the city. The mild temperatures and the peace and quiet of the villages during the low season, allow very comfortable stays.
For those who are looking for a holiday by the sea, the best period is from June to September.

Masseria Brancati Ostuni Frantoio moderno
Olive oil mill at Masseria Brancati

Useful information about Ostuni

Rental services

At the various dedicated offices located in the city of Ostuni you can rent cars (electric cars are also available), boats and bikes.


The most typical shops where you can buy handmade ceramics are:

  1. Carella Ceramiche;
  2. Ceramiche Puglia;

Distance from the main airports

Ostuni is 40 km far from the airport of Brindisi and 96 km far from the airport of Bari.

Touristic information

Tourist Information Office – Corso Mazzini n. 6

Contact us if you require information during your stay in Puglia. We will be happy to answer!

We are waiting for you in Puglia!

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