Private Chef service in Puglia for lunches and dinners

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Living the experience of having a chef at home in Puglia means discovering step by step an authentic food and wine journey that celebrates and enhances the rich culinary culture of the region. Through chosen dishes, prepared with passion and care, this service will convert your premise into a real private restaurant, giving you an unforgettable evening of good food and conviviality. Puglia is renowned for its rich culinary tradition, mixing authentic Mediterranean flavours and fresh local zero-mile ingredients.

Terrachevive can bring this tradition of flavours directly to your home thanks to this Private Chef service that few still offer professionally. But what specifically is a Private Chef service? He is a culinary professional who brings the art and tradition of Apulian dishes directly to your home. A personalized service based on customer needs that recreates a memorable “tailored-made catering“.

Private Chef in Puglia: Terrachevive brings the Apulian tradition to you!

Known for their authenticity and robust flavour, Apulian dishes are the exaltation of fresh and seasonal local products such as extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, fish and seafood, legumes and typical cheeses. Simple but equally sophisticated flavours. If you are looking for an exclusive Private Chef service in Puglia, you are on the right page! In fact, Terrachevive offers its most tailored-made services to its customers, like:

Both are fully customizable services based on the requests of our customers. In fact, it is possible to choose the day, the time, the type of course, the courses that will compose the menu etc.. . We thought of these activities to give every tourist the opportunity to live an authentic experience in the comfort of their own home, without having to think about anything other than enjoying it together with your family and/or friends. In fact, we will take care of everything: from shopping to setting up, from service to the final cleaning of the kitchen. The main advantages of booking a Private Chef in Puglia are:

  1. Customized Menu
    With an in-Private Chef, you have complete control of the menu. You can deal with the chef to create a tailored-made dining experience that best suits your tastes and food preferences.
  2. Freshness of the Ingredients
    Terrachevive’s Private Chefs in Puglia are renowned and have access to the freshest ingredients coming directly from local markets and agricultural producers in the region. This ensures that each dish is prepared with top quality ingredients.
  3. Stress-Free Experience
    No need to worry about preparation, cooking or final clean-up. The chef manages every step of the culinary process from start to finish, allowing you to completely relax and enjoy your evening to the fullest.
  4. Get to know the pleasures of Apulian hospitality first-hand
    Puglia is known for its warm hospitality and love of good food. With a Private Chef, you can experience this hospitality directly in your home, immersing yourself in a completely authentic culinary experience.


Cookery course at your holiday accommodation
Cookery course at your holiday accommodation


Moments that will make your holiday in Puglia unique

In Puglia we preserve ancient peasant rites; even today, in fact, lunch and dinner are opportunities to gather around a table with your family, savoring the products that our generous land offers us. Terrachevive wants to offer you the opportunity to share these magical moments with your family in the place where you will spend your holidays. All you have to do is request our exclusive Private Chef service: we’ll take care of everything else. We will do the shopping by choosing the best seasonal Apulian products, we will prepare the chosen menu directly at your home, we will serve it at the table and we will take care of cleaning the kitchen. Enjoy your meal!


Apulian recipes menu prepared at home
Chef service at your holiday accommodation


How to book our Chef at home services

Do you want to book the Private Chef service for the preparation of an Apulian lunch or dinner? Click here and fill out the contact form. Or send an email to the following address specifying the number of people and the period for which you would like to receive the service: [email protected].
Easy, right? Don’t wait, contact us!

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