Wine tasting events in Puglia that cannot be missed: a true celebration for the palate

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In this post we will try to understand which events could not be missed in Puglia for tasting typical wines. This land is one of the Italian regions that has been producing wine for centuries following precise traditions, with a multi-generational passion that shares it with the whole world. The Apulian wine culture is intertwined with art, entertainment and the discovery of authentic flavours, creating an ideal context to immerse yourself in the universe of local vines. Each event offers a unique opportunity to know the oenological treasures of the region, both for long-time enthusiasts and for those who – coming here on holiday – slowly discover the typical Apulian flavours and wish to get closer to the world of local viticulture.


Profile of a woman with a glass of rosé wine in hand while walking in a vineyard.
Profile of a woman with a glass of rosé wine in hand while walking in a vineyard.


Participating in events dedicated to wine tasting in Puglia is a unique experience that allows you to discover the methods and rituals that nourish the local passion and that are told behind every glass of wine. Here is a small selection of unmissable food and wine events in Puglia to keep in mind. Starting from the picturesque Daunia up to the suggestive Salento, let’s discover together the wine events not to be missed in this splendid sun-kissed land.

  1. Vinoway Wine Tour – Salento
    The Vinoway Wine Tour is an unforgettable journey in the heart of Salento, known for its robust wines characterized by a strong personality. The event usually takes place in October and this 2023 edition was held at Castello Monaci. Two energetic days where wine is the protagonist, with over 300 labels. This tour will take you among all the centuries-old vineyards and the best prestigious Apulian wineries, offering you the opportunity to taste the renowned Primitivo and Negroamaro. Each taste will transport you on a sensory journey through the region’s rich winemaking history. During the final evening, there is no shortage of prizes for the winemakers who have distinguished themselves during the year.
  2. Calici di Stelle – Itria Valley
    Calici di Stelle is a magical event that is repeated every August among the picturesque villages of the province of Lecce. The 2023 edition of Calici di Stelle – after last year’s success – returns to Copertino, Arnesano and Porto Cesareo: three events between wine, culture and entertainment. The streets of these ancient villages are transformed into real open-air wine bars, offering the opportunity to taste a vast selection of local wines under a starry sky. Accompanied by live music and cultural performances, participants can immerse themselves in the enchanted atmosphere of this unforgettable evening.
  3. Cantine Aperte – Throughout Puglia
    Although Cantine Aperte is not exactly a local event, it should be counted among the unmissable events for those who love wine tasting in Puglia. Promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement (which turns 30 this year), it usually takes place over a weekend at the end of May throughout Italy (this year on 27 and 28 May). Cantine Aperte is an event that involves the best wineries in Italy, where those of Puglia cannot be missed. During this special day, the cellars open their doors to the public, offering free tastings of their finest wines. It is a unique opportunity to meet the producers directly, discover the secrets of local winemaking and savour the authenticity of Puglia in every sip.
  4. Radici del Sud – Bari
    Radici del Sud is an exciting wine event that highlights the indigenous wines of Southern Italy. This event brings together producers, industry experts and enthusiasts to celebrate the native grape varieties that make Apulian wine production unique. The guided tastings and thematic seminars allow you to deepen your knowledge of these wine excellences. The 2023 edition of Radici del Sud took place at the Sannicandro Castle in Bari between 8-12 June.
  5. Mostra dei Vini in Trani – Trani
    The picturesque city of Trani overlooking the sea, hosts the Wine Exhibition. A united program of events that celebrates the meeting between the winemaking tradition and the architectural beauty of the city. Its squares and the evocative views of the old city become the perfect setting for tasting the best local wines, accompanied by gastronomic delicacies and cultural shows. Participating in these events offers the opportunity to explore Puglia’s rich wine heritage and savour the authenticity and passion that characterizes every glass of wine. Among the most popular shows, we point out the “Calice di San Lorenzo” (food and wine event with tasting of wine, oil and typical dishes of the Puglia region) and the “Notte delle lanterne” (tasting itinerary of typical local products, characterized by the enchanting Apulian lanterns and accompanied by live music and guests). Whether you are passionate about the nectar of Bacchus or simply curious to discover the food and wine treasures of this splendid region, don’t miss the opportunity to live these unforgettable experiences.
  6. A personalized day visit to a winery
    These are the main events in Puglia to write down in your notebook to taste the best local wines and which Terrachevive recommends you not to miss. But what if by chance your vacation days don’t coincide with the dates of the events? Or what if your holiday home (..or hotel) is too far to reach them? Don’t worry, there are always many customizable food and wine experiences available that Terrachevive can organize for you, making your journey to discover the wines and flavours of Puglia unique.
    In fact, authentic oases of taste are hidden among the rolling hills of Puglia: the cellars. Spending a day in one of these reserves is an experience that goes beyond simple wine tasting. The Apulian cellars tell stories of generous lands, of traditions handed down from generation to generation and of a passion that is reflected in every bottle.


Interior of a cellar amidst wooden barrels and arched ceilings.
Interior of a cellar amidst wooden barrels and arched ceilings.


A food and wine tour in a cellar will take you through the sun-kissed vineyards, where the grapes grow lush and are pervaded by the scents of the earth. You will be able to follow and learn about the process, from the ancient fermentation tanks to the modern aging rooms. The cellar masters will reveal the secrets of winemaking and guide you through the tasting, showing you the nuances of each wine by combining it with local delicacies.

Finally, in the silence and coolness of the cellars – you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere that pervades these places, where time seems to slow down and every sip is a journey into the heart of Puglia. Not just a tasting, but an experience that involves all the senses and offers authentic emotions. Below, you can find our best wine tasting tours that Terrachevive has selected for you and understand which are the best and most awarded Apulian wines. Alternatively, you can submit a request using the form in the contact page specifying what type of wine tour you would like to do.

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