Apulian oil tasting: a journey into a unique taste

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In Puglia – a land kissed by the sun and characterised by centuries-old olive groves – the tasting of Apulian oil is a strong and centuries-old tradition. This region is also the cradle of some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. An Apulian oil tasting is not just a gastronomic experience to have during your holiday, but an authentic journey through the flavours and centuries-old habits of a region rich in history and culture. If you are an oil lover and want to discover in detail the secrets of this product (also called liquid gold), participating in an Apulian oil tasting is certainly the perfect opportunity not to be missed when you are in these parts.

The protagonist of the tastings: Apulian extra virgin olive oil

A fundamental food of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is one of the ambassadors and excellences of Italian gastronomy. But what makes extra virgin olive oil so special? First, the raw material, or the quality of the olives used. In Puglia, native olive varieties such as the “Coratina“, “Peranzana” and the “Ogliarola” are cultivated, from which oils characterised by an intense and particularly fruity flavour are obtained.


Tasting Apulian olive oil and bread.
Tasting Apulian olive oil and bread.


Embarking on a tasting of Apulian olive oil is equivalent to exploring a repository of age-old agricultural wisdom. This region of southern Italy, with its characteristic red soil and warm Mediterranean climate, brings the best “liquid gold” to tables around the world, renowned for its rich taste and numerous health benefits. Made with a wide range of olive varieties – each with its unique profile – a tasting of Apulian olive oil is an olfactory and taste bud awakening; a tribute to a peasant art handed down from generation to generation.

Puglia: the land of olive groves

Puglia, located in the southern part of Italy, is a region rich in history and food and wine traditions. Also known as the “heel of the boot“, Puglia is kissed by the sun and boasts a strategic geographical position ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. In this region, the olive groves are not simple fields of trees, but real gardens looked after with extreme passion and dedication.


An olive grove in Puglia at sunset with a trullo surrounded by nature.
An olive grove in Puglia at sunset with a trullo surrounded by nature.


The care of the soil and its fertility to maintain the organoleptic properties of the oil and the use of purified water for irrigation are just some of the processes and daily care of local olive growers. Here, extra virgin olive oil is a deeply rooted culture, an integral part of daily life and its inhabitants. The exceptional quality of Apulian oil is therefore due to a unique combination of different factors: an ideal Mediterranean climate, soil rich in nutrients and the use of refined cultivation techniques improved over the centuries.

The tradition of apulian oil

In Puglia, oil is more than a simple condiment: it is an element of identity, testimony to a popular folklore that is lost in the mists of time. Guided tours of an oil mill in Puglia allow visitors to discover the secrets of olive growing and oil production. In this unique experience, you will be introduced step by step into the Apulian culture, participating with your five senses in a completely overwhelming tasting. The first step in learning to taste oil is recognizing its quality. A good Apulian extra virgin olive oil stands out for its colour (ranging from green to gold) and for a flavour that can be sweet, fruity, or slightly spicy. During the tasting experience, an olive oil expert will illustrate the different characteristics of the oils and the related organoleptic properties, helping participants to better understand how to evaluate the product through appearance, aroma and obviously, taste.

The tasting experience

In guided tastings, we usually start with the visual evaluation of the oil. A deep hue is often indicative of an early harvest and a stronger, spicier flavour. We then move on to the olfactory phase, to discover the aromas and essences (which can vary from fresh herbs to notes of almond, tomato, or artichoke etc..). Finally, there are the gustatory phases, which include the perception of sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness. A good extra virgin olive oil should have a nice balance between these sensations, leaving a pleasant persistent aftertaste. During this last phase, you often could try different types of oil with a wide variety of local dishes, from simple homemade breads to more complex traditional Apulian dishes. An essential component of Apulian oil tasting is knowing how to pair the right oil with the right food. For example, an oil with a strong, spicy flavour goes perfectly with leafy green vegetables or a grilled steak, while a lighter oil could be ideal for seasoning a fish or a fresh salad.

Many olive oil companies offer guided tours of their oil mills, allowing visitors to learn about the entire production process, from the harvesting of the olives to the milling, up to the final oil tasting. A tour of this type is the perfect opportunity to understand how much work and passion is behind every drop of this precious “liquid gold“. During the tasting tour in an oil mill, it is also not uncommon to have the opportunity to walk among the olive groves and – depending on the season – it may be possible to participate in the olive harvest.

Bring home a piece of Puglia

After an Apulian oil tasting, you may want to take home a bottle of olive oil to reproduce the taste sensations you experienced and share them with friends and family. Many oil mills offer the possibility of purchasing their oil directly on-site, thus guaranteeing a fresh and high-quality product. Remember to ask for suggestions on how to best store the oil once you get home to keep all its organoleptic properties intact. In conclusion, Apulian oil is a true ambassador of Puglia, and a tasting tour is the perfect opportunity to take a journey into the pure regional cultural heritage. By booking and organising an Apulian oil tasting through Terrachevive, you can taste the best extra virgin olive oils, acquiring in your DNA the technical knowledge that will accompany you in your meals and in the choice of the most suitable products to make the king the protagonist of the condiments.

Terrachevive magnifies this exploration of taste, offering immersive olive oil tasting experiences in the picturesque Apulian landscapes. With a strong commitment to showcasing the agricultural heritage of the region, Terrachevive collaborates with the best local producers to offer tours and routes that are not only limited to tasting but to a 360° understanding of this one-of-a-kind product.

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