Tasting of EVO olive oil in an ancient Apulian oil mill

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The tasting of extra virgin olive oil (also called EVO) is a truly authentic cult, based on a precise sequence of well-defined and rhythmic rituals, capable of arousing new emotions. For those who have never tried it, it is a sensory experience for the palate that requires a good dose of curiosity. It is no coincidence that many questions are asked during an EVOolive oil tasting. For example: What is the difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil? Which oil goes best with the foods we eat? Why, before being poured into the tasting glass, is the oil kept at 28°C? This EVO oil tasting experience with Terrachevive will provide all the answers to your questions… and more!

Discover the typical flavours of Puglia: visit to an old oil mill with EVO oil tasting

A visit to the ancient oil mill “L’Acropoli di Puglia” will let you get to know the extra virgin olive oil better, one of the most important products of Mediterranean and typical Apulian cuisine. It was Vincenzo Lucarella – owner and true enthusiast of L’Acropoli di Puglia – who led us on this tour, and which allows anyone who wants to taste the essence of EVO olive oil. Through this experience you will also be able to discover how the olives are pressed, the millstone with which they are worked, as well as the process and the oil storage rooms. Vincenzo’s explanations are always very comprehensive and his welcome is very warm, just like a true Apulian! The L’Acropoli di Puglia is not only a farm company that produces an excellent EVO oil, but also a space that jealously preserves elements of the local tradition. In fact, during the visit, you can for example visit rooms built with stone, furnished with ancient tools of the trade and more. A small antiques museum kept within the walls of the oil mill that can be enjoyed through an EVO olive oil tasting tour.

Ancient oil mill visit with evo oil tasting in Puglia

The best moment was the oil tasting

During the tasting of EVO olive oil at the ancient oil mill L’Acropoli di Puglia, it is possible to taste four types of oil, each with different organoleptic characteristics.

Ancient oil mill visit with evo oil tasting in Puglia

This is usually the most experiential and magical moment of the tour where – through the expert guidance of a person who produces it – it is possible to appreciate the EVO oil in the best way, understand its unique properties, its merits and the different flavours depending on the type. Come and live through Terrachevive the unique experience of an EVO olive oil tasting in an ancient oil mill! Our beloved land of Puglia awaits you.

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