Fresh pasta

Apulian fresh pasta making course

Can’t wait to eat a plate of fresh homemade pasta? Would you like to know the traditional recipe to make our tasty Apulian orecchiette?
Then you definitely have to join one of our cookery classes to see in first person, and using your hands too, the typical process to make Apulian homemade pasta.
Terrachevive.com cares about your desire to be a budding chef: we have planned pasta making classes held by professional chefs or Apulian grandmothers, the real custodians of the deepest secrets about the art of making fresh pasta.
Orecchiette, strascinate, cavatelli: you will grapple with the production of all these types of pasta in typical Apulian buildings like old masserie (farmhouse), trulli, private villas, or even at home.
During the cooking classes you will learn about the correct doses for the ingredients, the right way to prepare and roll out pasta dough and, finally, the techniques used to create different types of pasta.
After all this work, your well-deserved fulfillment moment will come: typical Apulian pasta will be cooked from a local and you will eat it right after!
Homemade pasta cooked by locals is the perfect combination which will give you the fantastic opportunity to know and taste in person one of the most appreciated and famous Apulian typical products.

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