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The “must do” foodie experiences during your stay in Puglia

Here in Puglia we believe the best way discover a destination is a journey throughout senses. The foodie experiences are designed to get every one of them engaged. Our ambition is leaving to you indelible memories of Puglia, meaningful stories to narrate and share with everybody.
Guess what is the best experience that turns this idea into a must do activity during your stay in Puglia. The answer is easy: our authentic cooking classes where you will learn typical Apulian recipes!
Our expert Grandmothers (Nonna in Italian) will follow you throughout the whole convivial cooking classes: not only they will teach you how to make the flavourful dishes of local Apulian gastronomic tradition; they will also give you the opportunity to feel the excitement of tasting our delicacies as soon they are ready in such attractive and characteristic locations.

Traditional Apulian cooking classes

Do you already know some of the most famous Italian gastronomic products? Would you like to learn the techniques to make them at home?
Aren’t you thrilled to plunge your hands into pasta dough? Then join us in this fantastic journey through our making classes to learn to cook characteristic Apulian recipes:

Fresh handmade pasta making class with Grandmother: handmade orecchiette, cavatelli and strascinati will not hold any secrets for you, thanks to our pasta making experience. Together with an authentic Apulian Grandmother you will learn to make homemade traditional pasta shapes, then you will move in the kitchen. And, when pasta is ready, you will eat it cooked with traditional recipes, comfortably sitting at a table laden with other local dishes.

Together with an authentic Apulian Grandmother you will learn to make homemade traditional pasta

Learn how to make burrata and mozzarella in Masseria: an expert cheesemaker will show you how our delicious dairy products are made. You will learn the original recipe, so that you will be able to do it at home. Make mozzarella and creamy burrata cheese with your own hands. Will you resist the temptation to eat them freshly made?

How to make mozzarella and burrata in Puglia
Make mozzarella and creamy burrata cheese with your own hands

Pizza cooking class with typical Apulian ingredients: don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this cooking class: this is your secret weapon for your chef skills. Pizza is the icon of Italian cuisine. It is easy to make and we are sure you will get success at home. Seasonal ingredients will be used as pizza toppings. It will be a pleasure to eat an appetizing pizza right fresh from the oven!

Italian pizza cooking class in Puglia
How to make pizza class in Puglia

Learn how to make irresistible Puglian deep fried panzerotti: all the secrets to learn to make tasty, deep fried panzerotti will be disclosed, driven by experience and engaging friendliness of an expert Apulian cook: proper doses, perfect dough, right frying time. At the end of the cooking class you will share your delicacies with us, stuffing them with typical Apulian ingredients.

Panzerotti recipe (calzoni)
Handmade deep fried Apulian panzerotti making class

Focaccia making class in Puglia following the original recipe: during this cooking class you will learn the recipe of the queen of Apulian traditional food: the exquisite focaccia. It’s easy to make and easier to eat! Your faithful companions will be fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Capocollo di Martina Franca and the indispensable wood-fired oven.

Culinary tour in Puglia
Focaccia making class in Puglia

Bread, taralli and friselle making course in an old bakery: this gastronomic experience involves characteristic Apulian flavours, scents and environments: learn how to make bakery products among the most liked by the locals within the walls of an ancient bakery with its wood fired oven. Once they are made, all you can do is…try them!

Apulian taralli cooking class in Puglia
Learn how to make bakery products in an ancient bakery

Learn to make Apulian sweets: bocconotti, almond paste and cartellate: what better way to fully enjoy your Apulian journey than to try local sweets like bocconotti, almond paste and cartellate? We selected the most typical sweets of our pastry making tradition, but not only. Your experience will take place in an ancient pastry shop, together with a master pastry chef. You just have to make the cakes…and eat them!

Learn to make Apulian sweets
Lear how to make the most typical Apulian sweets

Making classes and cookery courses in private holiday apartments: all the cooking classes are available directly at your temporary home too. Our professional chefs, bakers, cheese makers and our nonnas will come to your accommodation to enjoy a unique experience right in the comfort and cosiness of your rooms together with your family and friends.

Making classes and cookery courses at home
Our professional chefs, bakers, cheese makers and our Grondmother, will come to your accommodation

How to book Terrachevive’s cooking classes

Would you like to book a cooking class to make your stay in Puglia unforgettable?
Click on the experience you are interested in from the list and fill the contact form or send us an e-mail to the following address specifying the cooking class you would like to take: [email protected].

Pretty easy, right? What are you waiting for? Contact us right now!

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