The best Italian pizza cooking classes in Puglia

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Come to Puglia for learning the homemade traditional pizza recipe thanks to

Are you a pizza-lover? Do you like the famous Italian pizza? Would you like to learn its original recipe?
During your stay in Puglia you can attend one of the cooking classes offered by and you will learn how to make pizza. This amazing delicacy is a synonym with Italian quality and identity, well-known and appreciated all over the world.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to taste it while attending cooking classes held by professional pizza makers or by real Apulian grandmothers. They are in fact the keepers of our culinary heritage. They will teach you the original pizza recipe that you can then repeat at home; you will learn about the ingredients and the quantities, the method for kneading the dough, the correct leavening, the baking in a wood burning oven and the seasoning.
What better way to finish a cooking class than by eating what you have learn to cook? Have fun seasoning your pizza with Apulian products and taste it freshly baked.
Choose a culinary experience by and enrich your holiday in Puglia!

Italian pizza cookery couse
Italian pizza cookery course

Its origins and its UNESCO recognition

Pizza is a food spread all over the world, whose origins are difficult to trace back. Evidence of its varieties date back to ancient Egypt (they were more of a focaccia bread), but the very first “official pizza” was baked in 1889 in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy by the Napolitan chef Raffaele Esposito. The ingredients used to season it were just three: tomato, mozzarella and basil. It was a tasty tribute to the Queen and the Italian tricolour flag!
Pizza Margherita has then become a symbol of Italian culinary tradition, exported all over the world and recognised as UNESCO World Heritage in 2007.

Our traditional cooking classes to make pizza at home

We know the food and wine quality of our region very well and we are very pleased to share it with you. If you are spending your holidays in Puglia, or if you are planning to, you can choose among many Italian pizza cooking classes with tasting sessions:

  • How to make authentic Italian pizza: making class in Puglia: an expert pizzaiolo (pizza chef) will teach you to dose ingredients and make pizza dough inside an actual Apulian pizzeria. Then you will roll out the dough on the kitchen workbench: you will turn into a real pizzaiolo surrounded by flour and exquisite Apulian toppings. After choosing the toppings as you please, you will bake your pizza by yourself, learning the secrets needed for the right cooking time; then, you will taste the authentic Italian pizza made by your hands and led by a real Apulian pizzaiolo;
  • Learn to make authentic Italian pizza
    Cooking class with pizzamaker

  • Pizza cooking class with typical Apulian ingredients: handmade pizza will not hold any secrets for you, thanks to our making experience. Together with an authentic Apulian Grandmother you will learn to make homemade traditional pizza recipe, then you will move in the kitchen. Here, once the dough is ready, you will eat many types of pizza cooked with Apulian toppings, comfortably sitting at a table laden with other local dishes.

Who, then, could more readily tell you the secrets to make our Apulian delicacies? Once you will learn, it will be so easy to prepare them so that you could do it at home.
We recommend these experiences for families and children, an educational opportunity to learn while having fun!

How to book our Italian pizza cooking classes

Would you like to book a pizza making class to learn how the delicious Italian pizza is preapared?
Click on the experience you would like to enjoy by choosing it among those listed in the previous section and fill out the contact form.
Alternatively, you can send us an email to the following address specifying which cooking class you would like to attend: [email protected].

That’s easy, isn’t it? Contact us now!

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