The most beatiful Masserie surrounded by the nature

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The masserie of Puglia: witnesses of the time

Puglia is a land famous for its farms. Terra che vive will show you our selection with the most beautiful farms of Puglia surrounded by nature. Tradition, typical architecture and a natural setting of rare beauty will be the ideal framework for your holidays.

The farms chosen will offer you not only the opportunity to stay there but also to live experiences that will allow you to know the authentic traditions of Puglia, to fully understand the origin of these places. We will accompany you in the vineyards where our fine wines are produced, in the olive groves to tell you about the oil production cycle. We have chosen the most beautiful farms of Puglia immersed in nature to offer you unique experiences: for example practicing yoga among the rows of a vineyard, or having dinner at sunset in an ancient olive grove or cooking class with products collected directly from the garden.

Here is our selection with the farms immersed in the nature of Puglia. Have a good trip!

Masseria Croce Piccola

Masseria Croce Piccola is a pearl of Puglia hidden from view. To find it you have to go through the streets that cross a nature reserve known as the Bosco delle Pianelle. We are just a few kilometers from Martina Franca, in the territory of Valle D’Itria. The farm is surrounded by woods and fields sown which offer a beautiful contrast of colors. You can visit its wood, taste its organic wines and the products of its vegetable garden. Peace, nature and goodness of the earth will be your companions during your stay.

Le più belle masserie della Puglia Masseria Croce Piccola

Masseria Signora

Masseria Signora is not only pristine nature but it is also a farmhouse. The structure hosts animals that produce the ingredients used to prepare exquisite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Products at km 0 and strictly in season. You can see with your own eyes how the earth is worked and how the animals are raised. A jump back in time because Puglia is above all tradition!

Le piu' belle masserie della Puglia immerse nella natura Masseria Signora

Masseria la Casa Degli Uccellini

The bioagriturismo The casa degli uccellini is the place where love for nature and wisdom in cultivating the land meet. Here in fact are produced typical products of Puglia using the technique of the arid farming. The farm will offer you not only a peaceful stay but also its goodness, organic food from the ground directly to your plate.

Le piu' belle masserie della Puglia immerse nella natura Masseria la casa degli uccellini

Masseria Aprile

Masseria Aprile is a precious gem hidden by the greenery and dry stone walls of the Valle D’Itria. Between trulli and country roads there is this typical structure from which you can contemplate in the distance the profile of Locorotondo. Around you the sounds and the smells of nature. You can stay in the characteristic Trulli of Puglia and also take a bike and ride the paths of the Valle D’Itria.

Le piu' belle masserie della Puglia immerse nella natura masseria Aprile

Masseria Alchimia

Masseria Alchimia is the place where you’ll find the perfect combination of elegance and tradition. You will be struck by the beauty and refinement of this structure. Its white walls convey charm. From the panoramic balconies of the structure you can see the Adriatic sea and inebriate yourself with the scents of the Mediterranean garden. A location surrounded by the ancient olive trees of the hills of Fasano.

Le piu' belle masserie della Puglia immerse nella natura masseria Alchimia Fasano

Masseria San Michele

Masseria San Michele is located in Martina Franca, in Puglia, just 11 km from Alberobello, and offers an outdoor salt water swimming pool, open all year round . This wonderful bed and breakfast is located in an area known for cycling. The Masseria offers the rental of bikes for those who want to know the enchanting Valle D’Itria on two wheels. This is the ideal place for a peaceful stay in a refined and elegant structure. Its excellent position allows you to enjoy the best of the area.

Le più belle masserie della Puglia immerse nella natura in Puglia Masseria San Michele

Our selection of the most beautiful farms in Puglia immersed in nature is not just a story. We also want to offer unforgettable experiences.

In this regard, Terra that lives offers many activities to do directly in the farm to give you the opportunity to experience these unique places.

Ask us how and we will respond by customizing our offer according to your preferences.

Our beloved land of Puglia, land that lives!

Come and experience it too, we are waiting for you!

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