Cheese, mozzarella, burrata tasting & cooking classes in Puglia

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Find out the most traditional recipes for cheese making in Puglia

Are you curious to learn the most traditional recipes about cheese making? Join our tasting tours and cooking classes dedicated to the discovery of mozzarella and burrata in Puglia.
With you can live a unique experience into authentic dairy farms while qualified mastri casari (cheesemakers) produce fresh cheese varieties known all over the world. At the end of the event your curiosity will be satisfied and your palate will be delighted with a tasting of succulent fresh mozzarella and burrata.
We are certain we will leave you indelible memories of your stay in Puglia!

Art of cheesemaking in Puglia
Art of cheesemaking in Puglia

The ancient art of cheesemaking in Puglia

Here in Puglia we put our heart in our work: just look at an expert mastro casaro making fresh cheese to figure that out. His hands knead the fluid cheese mass softened with water at a temperature of 70 Celsius degrees; the mass continuously changes its shape and consistency until it “magically” turns into mozzarella and burrata, two of the Apulian typical products appreciated by locals and tourists from all over the world.
Any mechanical procedure will never replace such an old artisanal process full of wisdom like this one. Thus dairy products like mozzarella and burrata, still made in the traditional way, stand for high quality for local consumers. You should definitely try these delicacies during your stay in Puglia!

Visit a traditional dairy farm in a typical Apulian masseria

The ancient Apulian masserie are the characteristic sites where dairy products come from. We want to bring you inside one of them to get closer to the whole production process.
We have selected for you a choice of the most rustic and authentic rural environments where the soul of our land is unchanged over the years.
It’s right here, in this charming locations, where you will enjoy an educational course to learn about the production chain of mozzarella and burrata, surrounded by colours of the quiet nature. Pasture and cattle breeding, milking, transport of milk to the cheese factory, different production techniques will be all right under your eyes.

Home cooking with dairyman in Puglia
Working the cheese mass

Our “Fresh and hard cheese tasting tour in Puglia” experience takes you to a cattle farm where their animals graze freely eating fodder and fresh grass grown around the masseria. Here you will be shown milking and cheese making procedures. You will also see our mastri casari at work dealing with fresh milk, rennet, cheese mass, fresh cheese. Your experience continues with a visit to the cheese ripening room, where Apulian cheeses like Caciocavallo or Cacioricotta are stored for their maturation.
The tour ends with a wide selection of exquisite dairy products, local cold cuts, fresh bread, taralli, and friselle topped with local tomatoes grown nearby the masseria, right where the tasting will take place; all accompanied by fine wine Apulian wine, of course!

Our local cuisine and its products based on a very short supply chain will treat your taste buds with incredible flavours!

Have fun with our mozzarella and burrata making class

If you don’t want only to stand and watch, we have the right experience which will allow you to roll up your sleeves: Interactive mozzarella and burrata making show with tasting.
You have the possibility to give shape to our local delicacies under the supervision of an expert mastro casaro inside the dairy farm: you will make and stretch mozzarella and burrata cheese with your own hands, thus turning a simple journey into an authentic experience.

Learn how to make mozzarella and burrata at home

Terra Che Vive gives you the opportunity to learn the recipe and the production process to make Apulian mozzarella and burrata at home by yourself thanks to the experience: Homemade mozzarella and burrata: making class with cheesemaker.
A professional cheesemaker will reveal to you the ingredients needed, the accurate doses, the processing time, the proper techniques to work the cheese mass. You will do this right next to him; once the cheese mass has reached the right consistency, you will be able to stretch mozzarella and burrata with your hands.
We think this is an unmissable experience you could repeat within the four walls of your home: an impressive way to leave your guests speechless!

Cheese factory tour
Making class with cheesemaker

How to book a gastronomic tour in a cheese factory or a culinary course with Terra Che Vive

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