The best fresh pasta making classes in Puglia

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The best fresh pasta making classes in Puglia: learning traditional recipes with locals

Spending a holiday in Puglia means discovering a great territory, full with colours and flavours. indeed wants you to know its most authentic culinary side, enjoying traditional recipes with locals.
During your stay you do not have to lose the chance to experience in person the best fresh pasta making classes.
You will learn about the correct doses and ingredients, the right way to prepare and roll out pasta dough and, finally, the techniques used to create different shapes of pasta.
A special mention should be given to orecchiette (often served with tomato sauce, “cime di rapa” – turnip tops – or “brasciole” – meat chops) which are known and appreciated all over the world.
Once you master all the secrets to make fresh pasta, you will have a new secret cooking weapon to delight your family and friends at your table: you can impress them with a delicious dish of Apulian oriecchiette with sauce!

Choose the course that suits your needs best cares about your desire to be a budding chef: we have planned pasta making classes held by professional chefs or Apulian Grandmothers, the real keepers of the deepest secrets of the art of fresh pasta making.
Orecchiette, strascinate, cavatelli: you will test yourself with the production of all these types of pasta in typical Apulian buildings like old farmhouses, trulli, private villas, or even at home.
After all this work, your well-deserved fulfilment moment will come: typical Apulian pasta will be cooked from a local and you will eat it right after!
Home-made pasta cooked by locals is the perfect combination which will give you the fantastic opportunity to know and taste in person one of the most appreciated and famous Apulian typical products.

Our cooking classes about pasta

Fresh handmade pasta making class with Grandmother: a real Apulian Grandmother will teach you all the secrets to make fresh pasta. You will be hosted by an Apulian family that will make you feel at home to live the most authentic cooking experience. This is not just a simple cooking class, but a way to share real life moments together losing yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting.
The class has a delicious happy ending: the Grandmother will cook the pasta you made together which will be served with a typical Apulian menu. You will be in for a treat!

Cooking class pasta fresca Puglia
Apulian Grandmother involved in a making class

Cooking class learn how to make fresh pasta in a farm: visiting Puglia means discovering unique places with all their rich history and traditions. This class will give you the opportunity to learn the traditional recipe of pasta and you will live this amazing experience in a ancient farmhouse. The charm of one of the most important products of the Apulian culinary art will be combined with that of living the experience in an historic mansion. The experience will then consist in a tour of the ancient farmhouse, the cooking class and the final tasting.

Masseria agriturismo pugliese
Rural Apulian farmhouse

Choose an authentic and customizable experience

Making classes and cookery courses in private holiday apartments: gives you the opportunity to learn about Apulian recipes without moving from your accommodation. A chef, an authentic Grandmother or a professional cheese maker, will be at your complete disposal: you will experience the emotion of a cooking course at home and master the art of making traditional Apulian recipes like fresh pasta, bread, mozzarella and burrata, pizza, focaccia together with your family or your friends. Our delicacies won’t hold any secrets for you!
At the end of your making class the chef or the Grandmother will make a succulent meal ready to taste comfortably staying in your accommodation.
The cooking class at home is a gastronomic event for our most demanding guests who want to experience unique moments surrounded by a discreet and familiar environment.

Cookery course at home
Cookery course at home

Tailor-made culinary experiences: if you are looking for an exclusive tailor-made experience, we have what you need. Choosing our tailor-made service you can visit incomparably charming locations and experience your Apulian cooking class right there. offers its guests the opportunity to take their cooking classes in the resort Masseria San Michele, an ancient and elegant mansion which dates back to the 1700s, surrounded by the lush greenery of Valle d’Itria, an elegant place which will be the perfect setting of your rustic experience.
Alternatively, you can take a step back in time and visit an ancient hypogeous oil mill, underground caves, either natural or dug by men, in which the fine olive oil was produced. This place, where it seems that time has stopped, will be the ideal setting of an experience you will never forget.

Masserie più belle in Valle d'Itria
Masseria San Michele’s courtyard

How to book our fresh pasta cooking classes

Would you like to book a cooking classes to learn how to make the authentic fresh pasta recipe? Click on the experience you would like to enjoy by choosing it among those listed in the previous section and fill out the contact form.
Alternatively, you can send us an email to the following address specifying which class you would like to attend: [email protected].

That’s easy, isn’t it? Contact us now!

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