The best olive oil tasting tours to do in Puglia

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The tasting of extra virgin olive oil in the Puglia regions is one of the main experiences that can’t be missed, especially if enjoyed in an old farmhouse with a visit to the underground oil mill. For centuries, Apulian extra virgin olive oil has been one of the most famous gastronomic products in the world. Through one of the many olive oil tastings tours with Terrachevive, you can immerse yourself in the most ancient Apulian traditions. A path that starts from the olive harvest and arrives at the various stages of oil processing, surrounded by the unique atmosphere of the millenary farms and olive trees. A real journey through the tastes and main flavours of Puglia capable of surprising all your senses.

The oil mills and farms selected by Terrachevive

Do you want to find out how the precious extra virgin olive oil is produced through a tasting tour during your stay in Puglia? Terrachevive offers many unique experiences that will take you inside farms, oil mills, oil mills to learn about the places and methods of production of the precious gold of Puglia. You will discover places of unique charm and historical value: centuries-old underground oil mills where oil was originally produced, olive groves with thousand-year-old trees, modern oil mills where extraction processes are used to guarantee the highest quality productions, ancient farms where still today the peasant rites of the past continue.

Visit the best Apulian companies and taste their products

We have selected for you and listed below the best olive oil tasting tours to do in Puglia. You will just have to choose the one you prefer and contact us to book your experience. Don’t waste any more time looking elsewhere for what you have already found on Terrachevive. We wish you a nice tour!

Organic extra virgin olive oil tasting tour in an ancient Apulian farmhouse with underground oil mill: this experience takes place in an ancient farmhouse from the 1700s whose ancient walls guard an ancient underground oil mill, a modern oil mill and a large centuries-old olive grove. The highlight of this tour is the opportunity to visit two oil mills, one ancient and one modern, appreciating the evolution of processing techniques. Furthermore, on this oil tasting tour it is possible – during the olive harvest period which begins in late October and lasts until early January – to visit the modern mill in progress and taste new oil. The final tasting, guided by an expert, is hosted inside the underground oil mill (in case of adverse weather conditions it takes place in another arranged environment).


Ancient Apulian masseria farmhouse
Ancient farm of the 18th Century

Tasting of organic extra virgin olive oil in Ostuni: This tour is hosted in a fortified farmhouse located not far from Ostuni. It begins with a walk among the thousand-year-old olive trees and continues by discovering the ancient underground oil mill, the 18th century church, an oil mill dating back to 1900 and a small museum full of tools belonging to peasant civilization. The strengths of this tour are the underground oil mill – one of the oldest in the area – and one of the oldest olive trees within the Puglia landscape. The experience ends with a guided olive oil tasting.


Modern oil mill tour in Puglia

Walk among the millennial olive trees: the tour develops in a farm located in the majestic scenery of the millenary Piana degli Ulivi. During the first part of the tour there is a long walk in the olive grove to discover the Apulian olive oil production cycle: an educational story full of interesting information. The second part of the experience, on the other hand, is focused on tasting the olive oil produced by the farm with organic methods. The strong point of this olive oil tasting tour is undoubtedly the naturalistic setting in which it takes place. An experience suitable for families with children thanks to the stables housed within the structure: an excellent opportunity to enrich the tour with a horse ride.


Olive oil tasting tour Ostuni
Tour for families and children

Bike excursion to discover olive oil: For sporty lovers, Terrachevive offers a pleasant bike ride tour along which to tell you the story of how oil is produced. A fascinating story interspersed with stops at ancient historic and fortified farms, farms specialized in the production of typical Apulian gastronomic specialties, majestic olive trees, megalithic monuments dating back to the Bronze Age and, finally, sites of archaeological interest, vestiges of the Roman Empire. The experience ends with different tastings of local products, among which it is possible to choose the one that best suits your tastes.


Olive oil tasting in Puglia
Olive oil tasting in Puglia

How to book your olive oil tasting tours

Do you want to book an olive oil tasting tour to find out how real extra virgin olive oil is produced in Puglia? Click on the experience you would like to enjoy, choosing one of the ones described in the previous paragraph and fill out the contact form. Or send us an email to the following address specifying which of the cooking classes you would like to do: [email protected]. That’s so easy, isn’t it? We looking forward to hearing from you!

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