Cheese factories

Apulian cheese factories

Would you like to get to know the excellent products of the Apulian dairy tradition? Would you like to taste the fresh mozzarella and burrata made with fresh milk?
We have selected the best cheese factories from Puglia for you. Those that still work with artisan production methods, and that are synonymous with the quality that distinguishes each product. Here the supply chain is short, often at km 0, directly from the producer to the consumer. We’ll take you inside the production laboratories in wonderful farmhouses surrounded by the green, to show how cheeses such as mozzarella, burrata, cacioricotta, fresh and aged ricotta, scamorza and many others are made. The master cheesemakers will tell you their secrets and you will see them at work with their skilled hands. You can also taste these freshly made and taste them accompanied by a good glass of Apulian wine. We are sure that you will be conquered by their unique flavour!
Choose one from the many offers of selected Apulian cheese factories on Terrachevive.com

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