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Between Martina and Locorotondo the perfect place to taste local wine and discover a real Apulian winery

Where can you taste wine in Puglia? Would you like to visit a authentic Apulian winery with vineyard in the middle of the Valle d’Itria , land of the trulli?

A few days ago we visited a winery located in one of the most typical areas of Puglia located in the heart of the Valle d’Itria.

The family-run winery produces native wine, not French wine transplanted in Puglia to be clear, but wine produced from local grapes. A perfect union between history and modernity. The winery combines a new structure but always in the local style and an ancient masseria with trulli of the 1600. All consistent with the soul of the company and with the typicality of the surrounding context.

Best Puglia wines

Tasting wine in the same place where it is grown and produced

The tasting includes 5 wines, all native vines of Puglia:

  • Verdeca sparkling;
  • Verdeca;
  • Minutolo;
  • Susumaniello;
  • Primitivo.

Our favorites? The minutolo and the susumaniello rosè le Rotaie (which I recommend to buy even if it is really rare to find it since it is the best seller). Each wine takes its name from the streets surrounding the vineyard. So you will find: Rampone, Cupa, Faraone, le Rotaie. Yes, the Rails, which in this case are not a way but true rails of the local train that passes through this suggestive Valle d’Itria and that cut the vineyard into two parts. Perhaps you will see it passing while you are visiting the vineyards ….

vineyard and rails Puglia terrachevive

Gianni, winemaker and owner of the winery, with his wife Lucia guided us personally in the visit telling us the history of the farm, the company philosophy, the production of wine and their future projects. We greatly appreciated their availability and sympathy.

Visit, taste and harvest!

The winery not only allows you to taste wine but gives the opportunity to those who want to:

  • participate in the harvest;
  • adopt a row of grapes and receive 36 bottles of selected quality directly at home monitoring the development of the vineyard via webcam;
  • buy directly in the company and have your favorite wine delivered to your home.

The love for the company is seen in the details in which the perfect order of everything and every environment is taken care of, in the cleaning of the vineyard and its rooms.


Puglia is a land that produces wonderful products. TASTE IT to believe it!

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Our beloved land of Puglia, land that lives!

Come and experience it too, we are waiting for you!

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