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Ente todos nuestros objetivos, la felicidad de nuestros clientes es nuestro mayor reconocimiento

La satisfacción de nuestros huéspedes es el aspecto más satisfactorio de nuestro trabajo.Saber que hemos prestado un servicio adecuado a las expectativas nos compensa por todos los esfuerzos que hemos realizado para satisfacerlas plenamente. Nuestros huéspedes confían en nosotros para compartir experiencias enogastronómicas durante sus vacaciones en Puglia, así que, es un momento en el que sus expectativas son muy altas. De hecho, este período de relajación, llega depués de compromisos laborales, familiares, vida estresante y mucho más. Cada minuto de su tiempo, por tanto, es un minuto precioso, al que le concedemos gran respeto. Os damos las gracias por vuestra confianza y os aseguramos que cada uno de nuestros esfuerzos, presente y futuro, estará orientado a vuestra satisfacción: por ello, os pediremos siempre que nos lo comuniquéis, para nosotros, para uestedes mismos y para todos aquellos que quieran compartir su valioso tiempo con Terrachevive.com. Para que sepan que pueden confiar en nosotros.

Las palabras de nuestros clientes

  • A wonderful morning at the farm, enjoyed seeing the animals, the cheese making, and the tasting session – no need for lunch that day ! Marco was a great guide, very informative, will recommend our family to return.

    Steven H.
  • It was a fascinating experience. Trying to make hand made pasta and seeing how cheese was made actually made it memorable . The lunch was amazing. Course after course ,was tastefully organised and presented. Thank you so much for a lovely day. Sample testimonial content area

  • Great experience! Well organized and a very fun day!

    Micha B.
  • It was a great way to understand how wine is made and to taste it! Marco was even fluent in German!
    Many thanks for the great experience!

    Laura A.
  • A really great way to discover the authentic flavors of the beautiful land of Puglia and to fully appreciate them through first hand experience.
    Thanks Marco for the great organization and service! And most of all your passion and capability to convey unique insights. We will surely come back and recommend to anyone who wants to live Puglia to the fullest!

    Elena M.
  • Perfect. Just what we wanted!

    Evan W.
  • We booked a farm tour and tasting at Masseria Cappella. We had to change the day after we booked, but it was easy and Marco very accommodating. Marco was present during the tour given by the farm, which I didn’t expect, but it was clear he cared very much about making sure the experience was a good one.

    We spent time making mozzerella and burrata, tried to make shapes ourselves, and learned about the process. We also watched the bread making and had a chance to learn how to make pasta as well. There was interesting information on the cows, horses, and other animals on the farm. The masseria host, and all of the folks producing the food, took significant time from their work to be friendly and helpful – I felt very welcome there. It’s a small and authentic working farm – they make cheese, wine, cured meats, flour – all on a small scale. And the “tasting” at the end was essentially lunch, with a large selection of cheeses, some pepper bruschetta, and cured meats. and wine!

    It was a fun and educational few hours that exceeded my expectations and felt like a good value for a memorable experience.

    Dawn P.
  • A spectacular morning in Puglia! Making cheese in the dairy, preparing pasta and bread with Grandma in the kitchen, touring the farm, and then a veritable feast for lunch. A must do experience!

    Laura and Rory
  • My family loved visiting the Masseria. My kids loved the animals and learning about the inner workings of a farm. It was so much fun making different kinds of cheese, and the best part was eating it! We would highly recommend anybody who wants to do something have a fun interactive experience on their holiday. Thank you for taking good care of us!

    Monica C.
  • Best thing I have ever done on vacation! Interesting, educational, exciting, fun! And so good tasting…You were all so friendly and welcoming.

  • It was an amazing experience!!!

    Sabrina G.
  • Fantastic experience from start to finish. Generally, it was really easy to set up the experience and the responses were always very prompt. The tour itself was incredibly informative, our guide knew it all! The people working at the farm are absolutely lovely and go out of their way to show you how certain foods are made. It was really intriguing to be able to see the whole process of how everything is made from beginning to end – made the (very generous) tasting at the end well worth it, especially considering the price. We left the farm a lot more knowledgeable and with bellies full of delicious locally produced food, What more could we have asked for! We will definitely be back to this beautiful and delicious place.

    Thank you to everyone and especially our lovely guide!!!

    Ella M.
  • Everything was wonderful from the moment I contacted Marco until we left the shop. This was a fantastic experience and great beginning to our trip!

    Christina C.
  • We had a wonderful time at the organic wine tasting. I really enjoyed the laid-back nature of the tour, tasting, and vineyard. The vineyard itself felt very non-commercial and off the beaten path. It was unlike any wine tasting or tour I have experienced. The owner’s (adorable) kids were running around, the vines didn’t look overly manicured, and the cellars were a little messy, but we loved that because we knew that we were getting an authentic experience. The owner was also very informative, funny, and friendly. All in all, I would definitely recommend this experience if you’re looking for a no-frills, fun, and family-style wine tour and tasting experience.

    Fiona M.
  • It was a wonderful experience. Visiting a masseria with an underground olive milk was a bucket list item when we wanted to explore puglia. We got a guided tour of the olive farm, a warm introduction to the various kinds of olives, a visit and working of an ancient oil mill and a modern workings and window into the production of extra virgin olive oil. We were amazed and how detailed the tour was and we learned a lot. The highlight of the tour was the olive oil tasting. We got to experience newly extracted olive oil before and after filtering. It was one to remember. We highly recommend taking the tour even if it is not olive oil season. Giorgio and his family will not fail to impress.

    Nathaniel L.
  • An amazing experience on a great location. The host was superb, the visit interesting and cool and the tasting…out of this world! Great way to spend some hours in our Puglia vacation.

    Valeer V.
  • We had a wonderful day at the masseria. We had the chance to see how cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella are made and we experienced the lovely art of making mozzarella and burrata with our hands. The food was delicious and we had an amazing aperitivo trying the local wine too. Everything was perfect, even walking around surrounded by a quiet nature and the historical trulli. We definitely recommend it and we would like to go back.

    Lucy S.
  • We loved the olive oil tour and enjoyed meeting Rosabella, she was great.
    We are now home in Canada and can’t wait to try your olive oil.

    Debbie D.
  • We loved every minute of this experience. Tour was very interesting, even kids enjoyed it. Food was super abundant, fresh and tasteful. Highly recommend.

    Annice M.
  • We had a good day overall and an interesting experimental about cheese.

    I would like to add a comment which would have enhanced our time
    1- to have introduced us to others. Like wher are you from etc so that each member can feel inclusive.
    2- it would have been nice to have shared our food despite having different menu choices. We sat on our own, yet later in the evening and meeting up with the family from Malta we’re able to have a good chat. They too would have liked to have had the opportunity to meet other people.

    Norma B.
  • Great Experience !!

    Takahiro I.
  • We were very happy with the tour, even our kids enjoyed it. The olive oil from the masseria tastes delicious and we can only recommend this experience to other people.

    Katerina S.
    Czech Republic
  • Had a fantastic tour. Rosaria was a charming and knowledgeable host. Recommended.

    Bryan K.
    New Zeland
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our visit! The guide was excellent ! We were surprised and appreciative of the olive oil samples we received. This experience was the highlight of our day!

    Diane H.
  • Amazing hosts for a wonderful experience! Thanks again!

    Pont S.
  • Wonderful experience and a charming Rosaria made the tour of the property and explained the history of olive oil production there- including the old one in the underground. Very interesting. Rosaria also made us test the olive oil in a way so that we could truly experience the difference in various types of olives as well as to acknowledge different qualities. Super experience – highly recommended!

    Jette H.
  • We really enjoyed the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the owner and our personalized tour.

    Julie S.
  • We enjoyed the experience immensely. The winery was in the most beautiful setting. We had a personal tour and tasting and the wines were delicious. I would thoroughly recommend this wine tasting.

    Deborah C.
  • It was really nice and interesting.

    Reka V.
  • We had such a great time on this tour. It was very informative and an intimate group. I would recommend this tour.

    Chris M.
  • The tour was very infomative and Rosaria and her husband were great hosts. We could tell how passionate both are about the masseria and the production of their olive oil. I would definitely recommed the tour. It was a very lovely experience.

    Sabine T.
  • It was a great experience to be able to see the cheese making up close and try to make the cheese ourselves. The tasting was also very rich with choices. Thank you again.

    Pia A.
  • Both my husband and I thought it was a great experience and the hosts/owners of the olive production company and Masseria were perfect. It was super educational in regards to the production, and about olive oil, but also about the history of their farm and of olive oil making.

    I think for the producers they have such a great product and I love the packaging as well, that it would be very beneficial for them to have a show room so consumers can look at the products and perhaps purchase some or even set up some international shipping system. Perhaps they have this, but we did not see it and I think it would be a beautiful addition to their family business.

    Lovely family, I would highly recommend going to the Apulian 90 min olive oil tasting.

  • Hi Marco, this was a great experience. As a tip for future – maybe you can think of adding to this class a sauce-making part. Maybe less pasta variety but then combined with the sauce preparation (maybe with semi-prepared ingredients that it does not cost a lot of time), so that the guests can have the full process.

    Thank you once again, this is a good memory from our Puglia time 🙂

    Alex K.
  • Really enjoyable.

    Best wishes,
    Peter C.

    Peter C.
  • We loved our pizza making class! Tony (the pizza master!) was great fun and very patient with our efforts. Marco and his team were very accomodating in allowing our group of 6 to attend the class and take over the kitchen in the pizzeria. You can pick as many toppings as you like for your pizza which means everyone gets to put together their dream pizzas! Such a fun evening, thank you Terra Che Vive!!

    Sarah R.
  • What a wonderful experience!

    Marco and Anna were very friendly and accommodating, while under “nonna”’s experienced tutelage, we learnt the secrets of real Puglian pizza making.

    The explanations and demonstrations were very clear and the nonna-supervised hands-on sessions were invaluable.
    Unpretentious, traditional, delicious pizza is what we wanted and that’s exactly what we learnt to make. And wow! did they taste good!

    Thank-you again, Nonna, Anna & Marco for hosting us and teaching us these wonderful traditions.


    Marzanne F.
    South Africa
  • Amazing experience worth every penny! From booking the experience making last minute changes, Marco was extremely helpful throughout the process to ensure we got the exact experience we were looking for. We did a mozzarella, burrata, and pasta making class and this was the best meal of our entire trip. The best part was that we knew we could make this delicious pasta anytime at home now! Thank you so much. This was a highlight of our trip!

    Alyssa F.
  • I loved it! It was an authentic Italian experience, highly recommended!

  • We had the most amazing day. Everyone who we met was incredibly nice and welcoming. They gave us a really great tour of the farm and not only that but the mozzarella is delicious! Would highly recommend and thank you so much!

    Olivia S.
    New Zeland
  • Hi Marco,

    Will be in our memories as one of the most beautiful, fun, lots of laughter days.

    Thank you sooo much for this experience!!!

    Kind regards

    Evgenia V.
  • We had an amazing experience with Terra Chevive. They organized two tours for us in Puglia region – olive oil tasting and a mozzarella farm. Both tours were high quality, exclusive, unique and very informative. The team was easy to coordinate with and flexible with accommodating our schedule. We would definitely work with them again.

    Robert H.
  • Ducati and pizza, perfect evening!

    Marco and his girlfriend invited us in their home. Their parents taught us tips and tricks about making pizza and pasta. I liked the home atmosphere the most. We had a great chat!

  • It was fantastic from start to finish. Myself and my friend booked this for our partners as part of our holiday and they had a great time. We got to sample their work afterwards too and weren’t disappointed. The girls loved it and both Terrachevive and the pizza restaurant looked after us all very well. Would highly recommend to anyone looking enjoy their own pizza making experience.

    Thanks guys,

    Mark, Richard, Beth and Jess

    Mark H.
  • Marco and his team were fantastic, my family is friends switzerland and australia and the Italian pasta making experience was wonderful. Nonna was amazing and the food was delicious. Highly recommend if you want an authentic experience.

  • Great to visit a place that produces organic local wine and hear the history about it. The rose wine was really good.

    Jette H.
  • It was really good!

    Julio S.
  • We had a great experience at Tenuta Sarolo Vineyard.
    This was a very informative wine tasting, Marco was charming and full of knowledge. The wines were lovely and we appreciated that they were organic. We look forward to returning

    Sarah F.
    United Kingdom