Local specialties

Typical Apulian products

Puglia, thanks to its varied enogastronomic heritage, offers many types of experiences related to its typical products. Extra virgin olive oil, Primitivo and Negroamaro wine, fresh pasta such as orecchiette, mozzarella and burrata, capocollo and salami, pasticciotto and almond paste, bread and focaccia, are just some of the excellences that make this land one of the most popular destinations about food and wine tours in Italy.
We therefore wanted to research those typical Apulian wines, less known but not for this reason less tasty, to let you discover and give you the chance to live unique experiences.
We will take you to the most suggestive typical Apulian locations such as farms and trulli to taste them, or even, have the possibility to go directly in our cultivated fields to collect seasonal vegetables.
Each food and wine itinerary will end with a tasting. The best way to get to know Puglia is through your senses.
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