Apulian bakeries

Do you want to discover the most delicious and typical products of Puglia? Want to visit the places where they are made with traditional methods, preserving the quality and unique taste?
Here, where the delights of Puglia are created by expert hands, you can taste them freshly baked, surrounded by the smells and the authenticity that makes only our beloved land.
We will take you into the oldest bakeries in Puglia to discover the traditional recipes with which foods such as focaccia, bread, taralli and friselle are prepared.
The bakers master will tell you about the traditional methods used to prepare them and how they have been handed down over the centuries, from the ancient peasant culture to the digital age.
The most fascinating moment will be the one where the products will be placed within the ancient wood-burning ovens, and after a patient wait, baked in a swirl of smells. You’ll thrill savoring their delicious flavour!
Choose the tasting tour of baked goods at the old bakeries of Puglia that you like best on Terrachevive.com

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