Learn how make the authentic Italian pizza

Pizza is one of the most appreciated and well-known gastronomic products around the world. So why can’t you take advantage of your stay in Puglia to choose one of our cookery courses and learn how to make pizza?
This is a unique opportunity for you! Find out its ancient recipe; try it fresh from the oven; add Apulian characteristic ingredients like mozzarella or burrata cheese, caciocavallo, capocollo di Martina Franca, salami or fresh seasonal vegetables.
Terrachevive.com offers you several pizza making classes to turn you into a master of authentic Italian pizza.
The first one is a course in a real pizzeria together with a professional pizzaiolo (pizza maker): he will provide his skills, his pizza counter and his wood oven to teach you the secrets of this special food.
The other one is a characteristic home cooking class hosted by an Apulian family: while totally immersed in our traditions and friendliness you will deal with preparing pizza dough, kneading it, leaving it rising and, finally, baking it.
All our culinary courses end with an exquisite pizza tasting and other typical top-quality Apulian ingredients.

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