Burrata and mozzarella

Burrata and mozzarella cooking class in Puglia

Do you love fresh dairy products or seasoned cheese? Would you like to see firsthand how mozzarella and burrata cheese are made?
Terrachevive.com gives you several cookery courses which will literally offer you the opportunity of getting your hands into Apulian food and wine traditions. All the products you love to eat and taste will have no more secrets for you! You will learn about their ingredients and how to make them. You will also be able to create unique delicacies like delicious burrata and an irresistible mozzarella cheese.
Finally, you will be directly involved in interactive courses to learn how to make Apulian dairy milk products, led by an expert casaro (cheesemaker) in authentic and rustic locations like old masserie (farmhouse), trulli, private villas, or even at home.

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