How to make Apulian fried panzerotti

Have you ever savoured Apulian deep fried panzerotti? Are you curious about how to make them?
Terrachevive.com gives you the opportunity of taking part in an unforgettable cookery course. All the secrets to prepare our irresistible Apulian deep fried panzerotti will be unveiled by an expert chef.
You will know the ingredients needed to make the dough, their clever combination, the techniques adopted to knead the paste, the proper rising times, the best way to deep fry them in boiling oil.
You also will choose the ingredients to stuff your panzerotti surrounded by locals’warmth and conviviality: mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, cooked ham, capocollo, caciocavallo, salami and many other delicious seasonal products.
At the end of the cooking class the long awaited moment will come: you will eat your homemade deep fried panzerotti still warm while comfortably sitting around a table lavishly laiden with food.

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