The best wine tasting tours in Puglia

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Visit the most authentic Apulian wineries

Are you a wine lover and do you want to know which are the best wine tasting tours in Puglia? has selected the most authentic Apulian wineries for you. You can visit cellars and farms to learn the different methods for cultivating grapevine and vine variety preserved by the generous Puglia.
You will walk through the vineyard rows on different types of soil, each one with specific characteristic suitable for different types of grapevine; we will enter the wineries to learn how grapes are processed once they are harvested. Here in Puglia you can find small production units where the grape are still handpicked, row by row, grape by grape. An ancient rural practice full of charm and tradition.

Puglia and its wines

Our region extends over a wide geographical area and, for this reason, for convenience’s sake, it is divided into 3 macro-areas: Gargano in the north, Valle d’Itria in the centre and Salento in the south.
In each of these areas there are specific geological and microclimatic conditions that make certain crops more adaptable and productive than others.
Apulian wines are divided into 3 different categories: red, white and rosé wines. Specific and different grape varieties are used to produce them.
Below there is a list of the best Apulian vine varieties:

  • Uva di troia;
  • Bombino bianco;
  • Falanghina;
  • Aglianico;
  • Primitivo;
  • Malvasia;
  • Bianco d’Alessano;
  • Susumaniello;
  • Fiano;
  • Verdeca;
  • Negroamaro.

If you are planning a wine tasting tour in Puglia, choose the duration of your stay carefully…it may take some time to taste them all!

The wine tours by Terra Che Vive

We know the food and wine quality of our region very well and we are very pleased to share it with you. If you are spending your holidays in Puglia, or if you are planning to, you can choose among many wine tours with tasting experiences:

Guided tour of family-run winery with wine tasting: in the very heart of Valle D’Itria, between the beautiful towns of Martina Franca and Locorotondo, there is a winery where tradition meets with modern production techniques. You will walk through the cultivated vineyards, visit and ancient farm and its various productive locations. At the end of the tour, in a cosy stone vaulted room, you will taste 5 different types of wine: Primitivo, Verdeca, Susumaniello, Minutolo and Bianco d’Alessano. They all have PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (protected designation of origin) labels.

Winery visit in Puglia
Winery in Puglia

Organic wine tasting experience in Ostuni: in the countryside of Ostuni, between the famous dry stone wall and trulli, there is a small fifth-generation winery. Here the wine is organically produced, respecting nature and consumers. To produce high quality wines, the following vine varieties are used: Bianco d’Alessano, Marchione, Susumaniello and Malvasia Nera. They all have IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) label.
The tour takes place in the vineyard and inside the farm. It ends with a tasting of 4 different types of wine inside the trulli or outside during the summer.

Wine tasting experience in Puglia
Organic wine tasting in Puglia

Organic extra virgin olive oil and wine tasting tour in Puglia: this charming tour will make you discover an ancient farm of the 18th Century located in the majestic Murgia tarantina. In an unexploited natural setting, you will visit the different areas of the farm and learn about the various PGI organic types of wine produced: Primitivo, Negramaro and Aleatico and some international vine varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon. The tour ends with a tasting of the best wine types produced in this farm.

Organic vineyard in Puglia
Organic vineyard tour in Puglia

Visit to Puglia natural vineyard with tasting of its best wines: This tour will teach you the real meaning of “love for the land”, because in this vineyard refined grape qualities are harvested using the synergistic method thanks to which no chemical products are used.
The result is the production of high quality organic PGI wine, you can taste at the end of the tour tapping them from the barrels.
This journey begins in the synergistic cultivated vineyard, where all elements live in a perfectly balanced homeostasis. The vine varieties are: Primitivo, Aglianico, Greco, Fiano, Susumaniello, Marchione, Maresco.

Wide Wood barrels
In the cellars between big oak barrels

Apulian wine tasting in a terraced vineyard in Locorotondo: surrounded by the green of the cultivated fields of Valle d’Itria, we will walk through the terraced vineyard rows at the foot Locorotondo. Its paths conceal incredibly beautiful panoramas which will become great postcard of your memory album “made in Puglia”. During the tour we will tell you the story of this amazing place and the cultivation techniques that are used here. During this charming journey you will enjoy some good wine: Apulian wine of course!

Best Puglia wines
Apulian wines

How to book our wine tours with tasting

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